Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day


I am lucky to have three great men in my life.  Okay I had a few others as I have 5 uncles but these three are the most important.

This was 1980.  And I still hear about having to stand in line 3 hours to ride Dumbo and it only lasted 30 seconds.  

This was his 40th birthday.   We don't have many pictures after this as we both hate the camera.

My grandaddy and grandmother.  This is at mother's parents when I was three.  
 I couldn't find any pics of just me with grandaddy. What is up with that?

This is Pop-Pop with me about age 1.  They went to buy him some new overalls a couple months before this and then sent them back to town for me to have a matching pair.  And yet no one ever got a picture of us together in them.  

Granddaddy & Grandmother at a surprise belated 40th anniversary at the parents.  
Granddaddy was the only grandfather to make it to my college graduation.  And I can't find those pictures now.

I have no idea why I was playing with my toothbrush.  Pop-pop died when I was 10 1/2 and this is one of the latest pics I have of us together.  I am sure there are some more at the parents.  

I still find it a little weird to only buy one Father's Day card and it has been 4 years since that started in my life.  


  1. You are blessed Ruth, to have so many influential men in your life growing up. I am sure they all loved you as much as you loved them. Happy Father's Day.

  2. I love the old photos! Glad you have such great men in your life. :)

  3. How sweet! And special that you grew up knowing both grandfathers. I'm so jealous!