Friday, June 10, 2011

Fashion Friday - Tourquoise Jewelry

I am linking up with Kori for Fashion Friday again. 
One of my favorite types of jewelry is Turquoise.  And I love that it is one of my birthstones.

I love this one.

I would take any or all of these rings.

I love this simple cuff bracelet.

Who wouldn't love to wear this tiara?

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  1. adore Turquoise! And it matches your blog background today :)

  2. I was thinking what Lauren said, it matches your blog:)

    I'd wear that tiara.....not sure where but wouldn't that be fun?

  3. Sorry....can't get into turquoise jewelry. I'll stick with my pearls and pearl studs and maybe the occasional Fornash jewelry. I'm just not very good at displaying "chunky" jewelry, goodness knows I tried!

  4. I love to wear turquoise jewelry when I am wearing neutral colors- brightens things up!

  5. My grandfather grew up on an Indian reservation in New Mexico and I have tons of the coolest Indian turquoise jewelry thanks to him!

  6. I loveeee turquoise too! Looks great with white for the summer.