Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Women's Murder Club

It is no secret I love to read.  One of my favorite series is the Women's Murder Club by James Patterson.  It is base in San Francisco and revolves around a group of four women.  The members are Lindsey, Claire, Cindy, and Jill.  These four ladies gather at a local restuarant named Susie's to put their minds together to solve crimes in the city.  Lindsey is a homecide dective, Claire a medical examiner, Jill is an assistanct district attorney, and Cindy is a crime reporter.

In the first novel of the series these ladies get together over a serial murders involving brides and grooms.  Lindsey and Claire have been best friends for years and known Jill from being witnesses in cases she has tried.  Cindy comes into the picture by pushing her way into the hotel suite of the first victums.  During this first novel Lindsey also finds out that she is battling a rare blood disease.  The ladies start meeting to put the information they have together and figure out.  Of course the agreement is to give Cindy the lead to publish the story. 

The biggest changes to the lives of these ladies comes in the third and fourth installments of the series.  In the third installment the ladies are investigating a series of murders aimed at people that are deemed money hungry by a group of radicals.  These murders are taking place leading up to a G-8 meeting being held in San Francisco.  Homeland security is brought in specifically the second in command of the agencey Joe, who by the end of the novel is Lindsey's new love interest.  Unfortunatly the radicals target a member of the group and in the end Jill is killed. 

The fourth installment has the newest member of group appears in the form of a high spirited lawyer named Yuki.  Lindsey & her old partner Jacobi are trailing a lead for a series of murders when they end up in a car chase.  When the mercedes they were chasing crashes they get out to find that it is two teenagers who are terribly hurt so throwing protical aside they help the teenagers out of the car.  Turns out they were following the correct suspects and the teenagers open fire on them.  Lindsey manages to get a few rounds off killing one and paralzing the second before blacking out.  Lindsey, Jacobi and the city are sued by the parents for wrongful death and Yuki becomes Lindsey's lawyer.  By the end of the novel Yuki has been made a member of the group. 

Yuki eventually leaves her high paying private practice job to become an assistant district attorney.  It doesn't take long for Yuki to become a star prosecuter.  Joe finally decides to leave Homeland Security and move to San Francisco to end his and Lindsey's long distance romance.  Claire goes on to have a third child a girl that becomes Lindsey's godchild.  And Cindy starts dating Lindsey's new partner Rich Conklin.  Oh and along the way Lindsey does become Luitentant to the homecide division which she doesn't enjoy thanks to all the paper work and preferring being on the street solving the crimes.

I love that the series is based around a group of strong women.  You won't regret it if you go pick up and start reading the series.

1st To Die
2nd Chance
3rd Degree
4th of July
The 5th Horseman
The 6th Target
7th Heaven
The 8th Confession
The 9th Judgement
 10th Anniversary

I am currently reading the latest installment

that came out earlier this month.  So far I am really enjoying it.  But then these books are hard to put down.


  1. I love James Patterson! Have you read The Partner? You would love that one. I will have to look for the this series! Thanks for sharing

  2. I just bought my mom the 10th book for Mother's Day. She loves James Patterson. Believe it or not but as big a reader as I am I have never read one of his books.

  3. I used to read these but for some reason stopped. I will have to pick them back up! Have a great day Ruth! Kori xoxo

  4. I need some good weekend reads, going to have to check these out!

  5. I have never heard of him. I love to read but seem to only read BLOGS:)

    Hope your having a great day!

  6. sounds so interesting. I love good murder mystery books! thanks for sharing