Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On a Roll

I have been on a Roll winning giveaways.  I need to go buy a lottery ticket this week. 
A couple weeks ago CT Cupcake had a giveaway to celebrate her birthday.  I got her package in last Monday before heading out with  S & H. 

Everything out of the shipping box.  Of course most are cupcake themed.  Even a goodie bag like you got at parties as a kid. 

In the gift bag was a set of bangle bracelets and a ring.  I wore these Saturday night to a wedding.

 A cute huggie, bottle of lotion, candy and a cupcake of chocolate lip gloss.

Last week The Pink Door was the Lilly Pulitzer was the signature store of the week on Facebook.  They gave away a Derby Blanket and I won of them. 

It is going to look great in my office.  I went by the store to pick it up and they wanted to take a picture.  I had no make up on.  I did go last Thursday after being up late almost every night due to storms. 


  1. What is up with you winning all of these things lately? I hope you ARE buying lottery tickets! Seriously!!

  2. Geez how lucky are you! I definitely never win anything lol.


  3. look at you! send some of that luck my way please :)

  4. thanks for entering and reading of course!
    thanks for the note too!

  5. You're so lucky! I love the Lilly Derby print! I'm obsessed with it!

  6. Congrats on winning! You must be very lucky! haha

  7. WOW .. lucky girl!! I love the derby blanket and have it also .. had to make a big Lilly purchase though to get it!