Friday, May 6, 2011

Novel Release Party

The lovely Kori over at Blonde Episodes is releasing her first novel today. 
Murder on the Boulevard.  You can buy it at Amazon.  Today is only the release of the Kindle version but no worries the lovely Kori will have the paperback out soon for those of us without a Kindle to snap up. 

Two wonderful ladies are hosting a party to celebrate this big event in Kori's life.  So please go join Daphne at Flip Flop & Pearls and Julie at Brown Eyed Belle to link up for the party. 

CONGRATS!!!  Kori on your first novel. 


image from Kori
*found on Bing


  1. I will have to go check it out, thanks. Hope you have a great week-end!

  2. Kori is great and i can't wait to read it. So proud of her and your so sweet o mention it today! Hope you have a great friday!

  3. Thank you so much Ruth honey! I always appreciate hearing from you and am so thankful for your support. This is truly amazing! Kori xoxo