Monday, May 2, 2011

Move it Monday

Another week has flown by.  Last week was crazy.  We had storms at the beginning of the week.  I thougtht we had it bad Saturday night until I saw what was happening in Bama Wednesday afternoon &  night.  Thankfully my family made it through safely even with several close calls.  I was glued to my tv Monday through Wednesday night watching the storm coverage.  And yes I could have gotten my butt up to workout but I didn't.  I only got in 2 workouts all week so no new cds for me.  Oh well!  Maybe this month I can get it together. 
My goals for this week are to hit the gym 3 days and do some EA active 2 workouts.  And at least one kettle bell workout. 
Eating was only so so last week.  But I am going to work hard at doing better.  Outside of the apple dumplings I made last night.
Here is to a week of getting back to really working out.  I don't have any excuses not to be now.


  1. Good luck this week! I'm sure you'll do wonderfully with your workouts and eating!

  2. Glad everyone in your family were safe and sound! Two workouts is still great! Don't get down on yourself. I need to check out this kettle bell workout everyone is talking about. Eating is a tough habit to turn around. I'm struggling there...keep it up!

  3. Good morning, Ruth!

    I know you've had a tiring couple of weeks and I'm so sorry for that. Thank goodness you're allright. You'll get back into the swing of things sure enough~and going by Twitter you're already on your way.

    You can do it! I know you can!!