Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Favorite TV shows

We all have tv shows we love so much we can't miss an episode.  And then there are also the ones you love to see over and over again.    When there is nothing else to watch there a few shows I always look to from my childhood.  And The Cosby Show tops that list.  I can't think of an episode that doesn't make me laugh. 

One of my favorites is the episode where Theo gets an earring while staying over at Cockroach's house.  His ear gets infected and he is still trying to hide it from Cliff.  Denise gets Cliff to go check on him.  I have always wondered how many takes it took and how they weren't cracking up during all the head turns and leaning in snyc to keep Cliff from seeing Theo's ear. 

And of course the Anniversary parties thrown for Cliff's parents always make me smile.

They had life experience that we all or someone in our family went through.  They expected the children to follow the rules and grow up to be responsible citzens.  I don't know about y'all but the parents are a lot funnier than mine. 
I also loved when Claire got on what her tirades and starting wagging her finger and talking fast.  I couldn't find a clip of that.  But I did find the one where she is trying to get into a dress in under 10 days for a benefit.  Who hasn't been there with wanting to get weight off fast.  I need to get some off before the wedding the next weekend but I sure have more than the 5 pounds Claire does in this clip.  I love that they brought in Phylicia's real sister Debbie Allen to torture her in this episode.

There were wonerful guest stars through the seasons.  This year the show won a TV Land Award and Stevie Wonder presented it to them.  I loved how he talked about his guest appearnce. 
I wish we had more family dramas like this on tv no. 
Did y'all love The Cosby Show?  If so what were your favorite moments.

I got the videos off You Tube


  1. Good afternoon Ruth!!

    We love the Cosby's, too! We even picked up their "best of" DVD when we were home during Christmas. All three are on there and it's pretty cheap. Just an FYI since you love them so.

    I hope you're feeling better rested today. I've been thinking of you and praying for everything.

    Love you,


  2. I always loved it too!! Now it's a eighties flashback with all the styles, liked your stirrup on it too,,,whTz your second fav?? Yesterday my Oxford cousin gave birth the triplets,,boys but in mobile,,,,

  3. I LOVED the Cosby Show. I remember it coming on every night at 6:30 back home right after dinner (in syndication) and we'd all gather round to watch.

  4. The Cosby Show was the best! Such a great family show wasn't it!?

  5. i loved the huxtables, too!! especially since bill is a born and raised philadelphian. we're so proud of our own!

  6. Oh I used to love the cosby show. It is all we watched when mom was getting dinner ready at night! That just made me smile! Thanks girl!