Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Favorite TV shows - Golden Girls

Who doesn't have a smile put on their face when they here this

Knowing that there were going to be something crazy happening in that house in Miami with Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia.

I will admit there were a lot of things being said by these ladies that when it first aired I didn't quite get.  After all I was 8 when the show first started airing.  I was picking up on the items by the time it went off the air at age 14.  But no matter what I was laughing and because it sounded funny. 

This is one of my favorite clips with Blanche.  I will always remember "little balls of sunshine in a bag."

Helping out a police catch their neighbors.  And a young hot George Clooney is the young detective that stays at the house for a couple days.  Not sure if he is hotter in his youth from this clip or now. 

The Sunshine Girl tried to blackmail Blanche for giving Rose's teddy bear away to her by mistake.  It takes Rose to get it back.  Proof kids shouldn't mess with old people they are capable of more than you realize. 

I loved this blooper set I found. 

These ladies were great.  It has been sad to see three of them pass already.  And it will be very sad the day we lose the last of this foursome, Betty White. 
What were some of your favorite Golden Girls moments?

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  1. Oh I just adored this show!
    Love catchin' the rebroadcast any time one is on, I stop whenever I am flippin' through the channels!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  2. I have a gg kitchen table that hubs hates. I am holding on to it. When my bff had her first child, I spent his first night at home and took the 1am to 4am shift. And he and I watched about 6 episodes together....

  3. Good afternoon from Tokyo!

    Oh, Ruth, I can only hope we're that zany and filled with life and purpose when we're that age. You'll be my roomate, won't you?

    The Golden Girls has to be one of those shows that I could watch for hours and be entertained. Rose and her St. Olaf stories just kill me!

    Take care sweetie!



  4. I LOVE the Golden Girls and there for a while, watched it nearly everyday in syndication.

  5. I absolutely love the Golden Girls! I am constantly watching the reruns even though I've seen each like 10 times! I just love Blanche!

  6. Loved loved loved the GG's! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I must confess I have never watched GG. Can you believe it?? My sister cannot understand why - she loved/loves the show. I have no idea why either, I just never watched it!