Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cookbook Review

The second cookbook I have from the library is Simply Delicious by Ingrid Hoffman. 

I watch her show on the Food Network and Ingrid just seems like so much fun. 

There are several things I like about this cookbook besides all the pictures.  The fist section in the book is the delicioso pantry.  In this section Ingrid explains the items most used in Latin cuisine.  I hear the terms on FoodNetwork shows all the time but it was nice to actually have them further explained.   I never knew coriander is the seed for the cilantro plant. 
Ingrid also puts throughout the book what she calls chica tips.  A few fun in sites and helpful hints. 
A couple of my favorite chica tips:

  • If your frittata splits as you're sliding it out of the skillet, serve it folded like an omelet or stack it in roughly torn "rustic" wedges.  Just like that, you're a chic instead of clumsy!
  • Store vinaigrette-style salad dressing in a child's sippy cup.  You can sprinkle as much as you like onto the salad and keep the rest fresh in the fridge.  Just remember to cover the holes in the lid when you shake the dressing.
  • If you have random odds and ends of vegetables, like a half of an onion or pepper or a few scallions, lurking in your fridge, add them to the post with the rest of the ingredients to help flavor the rice.  Just remember to remove the mushy vegetables before serving.
This one is on my wish list too.  And I am having so much trouble deciding which recipe to try out of this cookbook before it is due back at the library.

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  1. I like her too! She's so graceful and fun@!