Sunday, May 1, 2011

Childrens Museum of Memphis

Last Monday was a state holiday for S and since I have so much time to take off this year I took it off too.  The original plan was to take both H & G to the zoo but the weather nixed those plans.  So instead G went to school. And when did it become school instead of daycare? S & I took H to the Childrens Museum of Memphis.  This was my first visit and I had a blast. 

First we flew a plane.

The slide down from the cockpit. 

Did some fishing.

drove a police car.

Drove a firetruck.

Played some drums.

And did some grocery shopping.

It was an action packed day.  Our reward was lunch at Mi Pueblo.  When we came out the sirens were going off.  Except for the sirens and bad weather Monday afternoon it was a great day.  I am glad we had the time to go with H. 

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