Monday, April 25, 2011

Move it Monday

Wow! Another week.  I got in my three workouts.  Two sessions on the Wii fit cardio and one kettle bell workout.  I am so excited and for the first time I worked out for over thirty minutes before my finger started throbbing.  Yeah!!  I am going to finally go back to the gym this week.  I don't want to feel like I have wasted a whole month of dues.  I admit I keep a gym membership because I hate to waste my money so I will go. 
Eating went well.  I didn't eat out at all this week.  and worked on eating more fruits and veggies which is something I fail at. 
If I can keep up the three workouts this week I am going to get some new cds as my reward. 
I hope everyone else had a great week and does well this week.


  1. Do you think the wii fit workouts really work? I have my wii fit at school but all I have is the wii fit plus and dont really use it

  2. Keep it up girl!!! You're doing great and glad your finger is finally getting back to normal.