Monday, April 18, 2011

Move it Monday

Last week was a really long week.  I was so glad when 5:00 Friday arrived.  I got in 3 workouts last week and I am so proud I did.  I got in 2 workouts on my Wii fit and one ab workout.  I ate well last week too. I could have done better but I am glad to just be back on track with the eating.
I decided on Wednesday that if I can get in 3 workouts a week for the rest of April I can get 2 new CDs.  Yes I still buy CDs more than downloading songs from Itunes.  I like having the shiny cases and seeing the pictures the artist choose to put in the jackets.  Though I am really running out of places to put them.  I need to work on getting the new storage unit for the office.  Anyone want to help with that?
Here is to a great week of being healthy for us all.


  1. I second the long week comment and being healthy this week! My mom lost 5 pounds this week and won't stop talking about it - proud of her but makes me feel a little bit bad

  2. I third the week of being healthy!:)
    You can do it and I am so proud of how far you have come!

  3. Good job with the workouts! I finally got a wii fit in january...i have used it approximately one time.

  4. Happy to report I only ate HALF of a Cadbury egg today vs. the entire thing :) Also made it to the Y yesterday and today. Great job on your workouts!!!