Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy 11th Birthday!!!

Today is my beautiful niece's 11th birthday.  I don't know where the time has gone.  It still seems like yesterday Beth was telling me she was preggers and asking me to be an aunt.  I am not going to lie it scared me and didn't think I would be good at it but the moment I saw this sweet face I was head over heals in love. And willing to be the best me so I could be someone she could be proud of.

She is about 9 months old in this pic.  And it is one of my favorites.  So much so I had to bring it home from work to scan it.  My roomies and I were baby-sitting her one afternoon. 

At the zoo as a wee tyke.  Doesn't that smile melt your heart?

myself, Beth and Maddy about 4 years ago at her parents after the Egg Bowl.

The star soccer player.  She loves playing.  And this is from the only game I have made it to at this point.

Playing with her sweet bro.

my sweet silly girl waiting on our indoor picnic.

The most recent pic.  

Madeline Taylor has made my life fuller.  I have loved watching her grow into a book lover, football lover and someone serious about her studies.  I can't wait to see what else life has for my favorite girl.  
I love that fact that the latest Harry Potter movie comes out on DVD on this fan's birthday.  I would have never gotten into the Harry Potter series if it wasn't for a wee one constantly talking about Harry.  

Thanks Beth for having me be an aunt to your sweet kiddos.  And for sharing a few pics with me.


  1. oh my! she grew up to be a fine young woman. Happy 11th Birthday to her. :D


  2. I have never been more blessed than to have you as my best, because you truly are! You are the best to me, and you love my children as if they're your own (and can give them back ha!). I couldn't have asked for a better sister to have as an Aunt! Thank you for loving and watching our for my little ones~even if one of them isn't quite so little any more.



  3. What a beautiful child! Happy birthday to your niece :)

  4. I kept thinking, my though pictures look so familiar, and then it hit me, that's SOuthern Blossoms girl! I had no idea....that's great and I love that your her aunt, how sweet! Happy birthday, she is truly a beautiful little girl!

  5. Awe, she is just beautiful & her name is just as beautiful!

    Happy Birthday to your niece!!

  6. What a cutie! Happy Birthday to your niece!


  7. Us Aunts are quite blessed, aren't we? The 10 year old that I so often refer to as mine, is actually my niece (brothers child), and from a broken home. She pretty much stays with us all of the time, and we consider her ours so I know how ya feel about your little niece, Auntie.

  8. How sweet! Happy 11th birthday to your precious niece!

  9. How cute! I love this pics. Happy birthday to your niece!

  10. THis is adorable...happy birthday to your beautiful niece! I'd love for you to link up with us tomorrow for Fashion Friday's! Hope you can join us. Have a great Thursday! Kori xoxo


  11. Oh my gosh she is gorgie! Happy birthday. My son just turned 11-wow

  12. She is beautiful! What pretty hair. She is going to be a heart-breaker.

    And a Harry Potter fan too. :D The newest issue of Entertainment Weekly has Harry on the cover. I have a feeling I am going to cry buckets at the theater.

    And a Ruth picture finally, hooray. You are lovely, although I always pictured you as dark brunette. Why, I don't know. :D

  13. Aww. she really is a cutie. :) Happy b-day to the little one. :)