Thursday, April 21, 2011


I hit Books A Million Saturday looking for a new cookbook.  I didn't see a single one I was overly interested in just a few possibilities.  Then it hit me I wonder if the library has any and decided to look since I was going by there while I was out too.   I wasn't sure it was even a possibility.  How excited was I went I walked into the library and the front display was a set of cookbooks and novels who authors write about cooks or chefs. I did go hit the reference section to see what all others they had and decided on two from the display.  Was I the only one who didn't know the library has cookbooks?


I have already found a couple recipes from each to try.  I am going to check out any cookbooks I am thinking about buying in the future.  I don't want to waste money like I have in the past by buying one that turns out to be a dud.  I will be buying both of these in the future.  I was happy that I could have them out.for three weeks just like any novel.  


  1. I have always wanted to read her coookbook since she was on Paula Deen's show. It sounds fantastic

  2. I guess I never thought about cookbooks at the library. I take it your ok since you posted this am. Girl our weather has been awful since yesterday about noon. I was wondering if we were going to blow away a couple of times. I am not ever scared of the weather, I usually like a storm, I consider it good sleeping weather but I had done unplugged things, grabbed my babies and got in a center room with no windows!

  3. I didn't realize the library had cookbooks either! I will have to check out my local library now, I love cookbooks!

  4. I did just buy a crockpot cookbook on Joss and Main. Maybe I'll do a review too. I look forward to hearing your other review!