Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday

A few things I am wishing for on this Wednesday. 

A new Macbook. 

The latest book in the Women's Murder Club series came out yesterday

Another game for the Wii

Fossil Tortoise Shell Watch

A Harvey seat belt satchel

Tickets to see this guy in May.  And backstage passes wouldn't be bad either.

images from Amazon and bing. 


  1. Love the watch! I tried it on at Belk the other day.

  2. Fun! You have *excellent* taste.

  3. I hope you get all your wishes.....

  4. Love James Patterson books! I need to checkout that Zumba game for the Wii, too!

  5. I am dying for the new macbook pro. I'm hoping my parents will agree to it for my birthday in a month!!!

  6. I want a new Macbook! I have never even played around with one but I've heard they are pretty awesome! And I want that Zumba game so bad! (Since I don't want people having to harm themselves by watching my horrid dancing skills for about an hour. Lol)