Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On the Hunt

I am on the hunt for a cute dress to wear to a couple weddings this spring.  I finally began looking around the web over the weekend in search of some cute dresses.  I know Lilly Pulitzer is all the rage and have seen several posts on their spring collection so that is the first site I hit.  There are several cute dresses on the site but with my budget to spend that I am also looking at something I can wear to work down the road too.  Thankfully my office is always freezing so if I end up with one of the strapless dresses I can throw on a cardigan and no one will think a thing about it.  Oh and if I end up buying a Lilly dress it will be the first. 

The Betsy caught my eye right off the bat.  

The Adelson would be great for work.  

The Kiki.  Both Beth & S will tell you I don't go for a lot of things with prints on them.

Shauna Tunic.  I love the purple of this dress.

The blossom just is cute and simple. 

Bowen basket weave.  

I love the green color of the Dolly

While looking around I saw this cute tunic that I could wear with my khakis or jeans to work.  And for some play time.  

Does anyone have suggestions on the best one or where else to look?  You know I will have to search Ann Taylor Loft.  

all pictures are from the Lilly Pulitzer website


  1. love all those lilly dresses! try nordstrom, they have a ton of cute dresses online. You could also use the rent the runway!

  2. Oh, you have fabulous taste!! I love.adore.worship the navy dress! I've been wanting a navy dress forever. I really have no idea why.

    I needed this post because my workouts are less than stellar lately. & I have to get to business and especially work on my arms so that I can be ready to wear cute stuff like this.

    I like rent the runway, ann taylor and ann taylor loft. My fave store though is White House, Black Market. Their dresses are always so stinking cute and I tend to wear a lot of black and white.

  3. Love Love Love the second dress! Too cute! Rent the runway is a great option too

  4. I love all those dresses. I wish I didnt look like such a frump in stuff like that though. I am simply too short!


  5. tips:

    the bowen basketweave came out LAST summer, and was on markdown for awhile, but has recently been sent back to the distribution center, maybe for the warehouse sale and my king of prussia store doesn't have it anymore.

    the betseys are a hard fit - especially if you have a bust. and if you're tall then they look kind of juvenile.

    the shauna is pretty, but is an odd fit in the shoulders - you may need one size in the shoulders, but another in the hips.

    if you call the stores (i am, of course, partial to the king of prussia store!) you can always ask to be called when an item goes on sale and they'll give you a ring. now, they won't call you if the dress sells out and never goes on sale, but if price is your concern, it's always worth a shot!

  6. i -almost- got the bowen basketweave for a wedding last summer, but i couldn't stomach the price. i did see it marked down in the fall. so cute on :)

  7. ummmm Ruth - can you be my stylist?! These are fab!

  8. Well, you know I am a Lilly girl!! We are thinking the sam - I just did a post on my recent Lilly purchases. Little Miss gave you some good advice on the fits. Lilly sizes can be a bit difficult. I always have to try everything on.

  9. Hello dearest girl!

    You really stunned me with some of those dressed, because you're right...I know you're not crazy about patterns. I'm so glad to see you stepping outside of your comfort zone, Ruth. I'd say the top is a must because you can wear it year round, and you always look fabulous in blue. It brings out your pretty eyes!

    Love you! Skype this Sunday, regular time?


  10. I like the navy and the purple! Have fun regardless what you wear.

  11. I LOVE those dresses! Like..ALL of them!!! How cute!