Sunday, March 13, 2011

On the Hunt Part 3

A good place to turn for something nice to wear is Ann Taylor.  I found a couple cute dresses that could be used again.  Though there were several that were beautiful but I don't know where I would wear them again.  

I love the color of this dress.  It  must be a go to color because there were several dresses in this color.

The bow might be a tad big for me but it is still cute.

I love wrap dresses.  They work great with most figures.  

all images from Ann Taylor


  1. Oooh, I love the style (and color) of the first dress! I would definately choose this specific dress if I had her legs, waist line, sculpted arms, etc-but I have none of the above. My legs full of cellulite, arms with flappers, and lack of waist line would just not work with this dress! lol but I love it!

  2. Those are cute. I buy a lot of my dresses there too!

  3. I love that wrap dress! Wrap dresses look fabulous on virtually everyone!

  4. Oh the first one is so chic and feminine.
    And I love the color too.

  5. Oh my goodness...LOVE THEM ALL!!! I like your style gal. I've been swamped and haven't been reading blogs much lately. Heck, barely have time to respond to emails. How are things going over there? The house is almost packed up. I have to hit the closets this week (dreading it). I hate going through clothes because I never know what to get rid of. I'm between sizes right now. This past week I ate out more than I would have liked to but I did hit the gym. How are you doing? Sending some work out wishes from Houston.

  6. LOVE that first dress and the color! Different but so super cute!!

  7. I am adoring the second dress. I am kind of bow obsessed so that's probably the reason :]