Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Wednesday

**  I got my taxes done tonight.  Glad to have that over with.

**  I got my passport pictures taken today and my appointment to turn in my application is next Thursday. 

**  I got to hang out with S, H, and G Saturday night.  It was fun.  Though now G is sick so say a little pray the little guy gets better soon.

** Really enjoyed the spring like weather over the weekend and I hope it comes back to stay soon.

**  My youngest uncle retired from the Air Force today.  He was the last of three men in my family to retire in the last month.  Yep he lasted longer than two nephews.  I am so proud of all their service.  Now to get my butt in gear and get their cards in the mail.  By the way Hallmark has entering the Air Force cards but no retirement cards from the Air Force.

**  Saturday night S and some other gals are going to one of those painting classes.  This should be interesting as I can't draw a straight line with a ruler.

**  I can't believe I have almost 80 followers.  I am so happy so many people want to read my random thoughts.  Thanks for stopping by daily.


  1. Congrats to your uncle! Such a honor to have great men serving our country.

    I can't believe Hallmark doesn't have retirement cards?? So weird.

    Have fun at the painting class!!

  2. What a great honor to have men serving in your family...... that's so great! Weather has been awesome here and the trees are starting to bloom which means my throat is scratchy and my eyes itch like crazy!

  3. Congrats on the followers honey! I'm having a blog makeover giveaway that ends this Friday, if you haven't entered already, head over there! Really great stuff!

    Kori xoxo

  4. I always feel pride when members of my family serve in the armed forces.

  5. I am doing a painting class next week too! I hope the wine helps. hehehe.

  6. oooh the painting class will be so much fun! I did one a few months ago with friends.

  7. have fun at your painting class!! i've always wanted to try one!

  8. Have fun at the painting class! I went to one on Tuesday and it was lots of fun!

  9. How wonderful, Ruth! I have seen some hand-made custom cards on etsy - you may want something quicker, but I thought I'd mention it. Also, you could upload to Shutterfly and make your own photo card. They will mail it for you and everything. :)