Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pink & Green Thursday

I am joining Trish over at Pink Preppy Lilly Lover for another edition of Pink & Green Thursday.  
This week I chose martinis.  I love martini glasses.  And dream of one day having room in my house for a Christmas tree filled with the Lolita mini martini glass ornaments.  

Don't these desserts look yummy in the martini glasses.

And since it is still so cold I couldn't help throwing this one in.

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  1. I could use a martini right about now...
    Hope you are having a good day!

  2. OHHHHHHH! I am lovin' this little pink and green post. Too stinkin' cute!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  3. Very cute pink and green theme! This is my first time participating...hope you'll stop by! :)

  4. You picked out some great glasses! Okay, I have a confession, I've never actually had a I strange or what!? Don't laugh, please! :)

  5. Good afternoon dear Ruth!

    You are a martini glass queen~and it definitely helps with your future Christmas and birthday gifts. Maybe you'll pick up a special one when you come for a visit. Such pretty choices you made above!

    Love you,


  6. Fun! Those glasses are so cute! Great choices my friend! Have a fabulous day girl!


  7. I love the glasses in the second picture!

  8. SO cute - and even thought I HATE this cold, those snowmen are adorable!

  9. I need to put Alexa's bedroom on Pink and Green Thursday! Love the glasses!

  10. Hey there sweet Ruth! Cheers all the way around, what a fab idea - a Pink & Green MARTINI party! That first set is so cute and girly, and I adore the sweet desserts in the martini glasses, what a yummy and adorable presentation! Thank you so very much for another amazing Pink & Green Thursday post and for linking up, I just love the things you find!! xoxoxo