Monday, February 21, 2011

Move It Mondays


Wow!  Another week has flown by.  I feel like 2011 is going to be gone before we know it.  
My goal for the past week was to hit the gym 4 times for cardio.  That didn't happen I only made it twice but I did spend 2 days at work moving boxes around so I am counting that.  Especially since I spent between 3 & 4 hours on Friday alone working on that project.  
My other goals were to get in 2 ab & two kettlebell workouts.  I got that in.  I am so proud of myself for hitting this goal.  I am terrible about slacking when it comes to strength workouts.  Now to keep up the good work.  
I did okay with eating.  There were some bumps in the road.  We had cupcakes this week for a co-workers birthday.  And then there was the evil bag of all red starburst jelly beans.  Why does the Easter candy have to already be out.  Jelly beans are my weakness and I love the red flavors so a whole bag of only those are killer to resist.
I did spend some time with my Wii fit again this week.  I love beating my previous scores.  And more important realize I am getting better at some of the exercises.
I am ready to really get back in the gym this week.  And keep up all my ab and kettlebell workouts. And I am also getting excited that next month the Self magazine yearly Body Challenge will start.


  1. I'm going through one of those periods where it's difficult to get to the gym. My schedule has been hectic for the past two weeks. However, I did go to the gym 3x last week. Over the weekend I purchased some really great running shoes and I'm eager to get out on the trails this week. Sounds like you are doing really good and sticking to it. :)

  2. Easter candy is a really weakness for me...I think I just love the pastel goodness after a dreary winter...I even love, Peeps!

  3. Jelly beans are my weakness too - I love just about every brand, and have even toured the Jelly Belly Factory!

  4. Ruth,

    As long as you're going, I'll keep cheering you on! I'm so proud of you...and I'll be prouder if you get me some of that delicious Easter candy. I kid!

    Love you so...