Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Today would mark the 100th birthday of President Ronald Reagan.  

Ronald Reagan served as the 40th president from 1981-1989.  And is the first president that I have any memory of.

He was always an old man to me but it is hard to believe that if he was still alive he would be turning 100 today.

The president and his lovely First Lady Nancy.

And I had to throw in a picture of the Gipper from his acting days.

all pictures found on Bing


  1. My dad was in the California senate with him. He said he was a great guy.
    Mary Ann

  2. Happy Birthday! RIP. Always loved him!

  3. My husband is a huge Reaganite. I am surprised that he does not have a framed picture of him on the wall, like Casey on Chuck. :)

  4. Good morning Ruth!

    I remember meeting him when he visited my mother's school at a rally. He was so kind to adults and children alike. He was, in my opinion, the last good President our country had.

    Happy Birthday, Ronnie!

  5. Good memories of a great President!