Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another snow day

The Memphis area got hit with snow again yesterday.  I measured this morning to find I had 5 1/2 inches and the prediction was for 2-4 inches.  It started at snowing around noon and our office closed at 2:30.  I should have left sooner than I did because it was so nasty by the time the office closed.  My workout buddy MB and I decided to stick together on the way home.  We didn't get very far before she was fishtailing and I was sliding so we pulled into the Schnucks grocery store and waited it out for around 2 hours until she got motivated to drive back to the office.  I was still scared but after we drove it we went back to get my Jeep.  We hung out in the office playing online until her hubby came to get us.  It took us around an hour to get home once he picked us up.  It was slow going and the roads were getting icier the closer we go to Mississippi.  The main road we live off of was already turning into a sheet of ice.  My office opened at 10 this morning but already decided there was no way we were getting back out on that today.  So I will be there tomorrow with a mountain of work because my whole team has now called in.  Boy is Friday going to be fun.  I will be packing my lunch and working all day.  So day I am doing almost nothing but enjoying an extra day off.

Belle checking out the latest snow.

The look from the front door.  It looks so weird not to see my Jeep in the driveway.  

Well some snow tried to melt off the roof  yesterday.  


  1. Ruth,

    I'm so glad y'all decided to have the Hubster pick you up. Be safe!

    Love you,


  2. This snow is getting out of control. Stay warm!


  3. I hope you stayed warm and enjoyed your day off!

  4. Ugh! I know my friends at Ole Miss have had fun day drinking but snow is such a pain!!!