Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Thoughts

  • I have not been very inspired this week to post.  I think I am having a case of the Janaury blahs.  I am happy that this week I get to work a full week.  We had snow again last night but it never got cold enough to stick.  Yeah!  My desk at work is piled high and I so need to get that down.  I have even been thinking about ducking into the office for a couple hours this weekend.  Today didn't help.  They started switching us from the old company servers to the new ones and there were all kinds of issues for the one member of my team that switched last night.  I am not looking forward to what will happen tomorrow when the rest of us switch tonight.  I am so going to be having a drink tonight.  And as tempting as it was I didn't skip the gym.  Big plus for me.  
  • I am so wanting to take a weekend trip.  But don't know where to go.  And knowing that might help to find people to run away with me.   
  • I am excited that Kenny Chesney is coming to town in May but don't think I can afford to go.  Maybe I will luck up and win some.  
  • I actually finished all my January magazines this month.  I haven't read them all in the same month in I don't know how long.


  1. I have the blahs too. It has been a struggle. Next month that ground hog better see spring coming!

  2. I know what you mean!!! Thank goodness I'm back at school with friends or I'd be really bored!!

  3. i can totally relate to the January blahs, between being 8 months pregnant, swollen and incredibly busy at work all I want to do is collapse when I get home from work every day and then sleep all weekend long.