Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pink & Green Thursday

Trish over at  Pink Preppy Lilly Lover host Pink & Green Thursdays.  I decided to hop on for the first time this week.

With the snow that hit the Memphis area and most of the south this week not to mention the highs for the last two days have been in the 20s and lows in the teens my mind went to throw blankets.

This one reminds me of one my grandmother would make.  And the love that goes into one of these always seems to make it feel warmer.

This pillow popped up when I did the search and thought it was cute.  

This being said all my throws are blue or red.

pictures found on Bing


  1. Glad your playing along:)

    I LOVE that pillow-

  2. I'm so over the cold!!! I love winter clothes and some good scares and pea coats but I'm so tired of layering and static and blah!!!

  3. I could never get sick of pink and green its absolutely fabulous.


  4. Ruth,

    I love your selections. But let's be'll always be a red and blue girl. Proudly! ;)

    Love you Rebelette!


  5. yay! welcome to pink and green thursday, it's one of my favorite blog hops :)