Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BCS Champions

Last night Auburn played Oregon played in the championship bowl.  

And Oregon took home the ugliest uniform trophy award.  I don't know how this was approved as their socks are so close to the color of the penalty flags.

Thankfully this beauty went to

Way to go Tigers bringing home the 5th Championship title in a row to the SEC.  Proving yet again that the SEC is the best conference in the nation.

I saw these cakes while searching for pics from last night.   They are perfect for the celebration.

I loved the huge smile and excitement on Nick Fairley's face.  

I said a few things last night I have not said in 15 years.  GO TIGERS and WAR EAGLE!!!  I came within 6 months of following in a family tradition and going to Auburn.  Instead I  made both families mad and went my own direction


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  1. I was pulling for Auburn since I am an SEC fan (Gamecocks) but I am not a fan of Cam Newton or Nick Fairley. Fairley should have been kicked out last night when he kneed the Oregon player and knocked his helmet off. He's been a dirty player all season. I really liked Oregon's uniforms. I haven't understood why one team gets new uniforms provided and others didn't. There were several bowls that one team had new ones. Those cakes are really cute! Go SEC!

  2. Those are most ugliest uniforms EVAH!!! What happened to their old uniforms? I actually lived in Eugene, Oregon for sometime back in the late 1990's. Nike orginated there so they had a big hand in the University's athletic gear and looked really cool. I think little kids could color coordinate better than this. The person who put this together should be fired (blah)....

  3. WAR EAGLE GIRL!!!!!!! I must say, BE A GOOD SPORT. PLAY BY THE RULES. I was sad at some behavior but am thankful for a win.''

    I tell you, those uniforms got on my hubbys and my nerves but but by the end of the game. we liked them and AU's seemed a little bland. LOL Must have been the wine:)

  4. Uniforms were HEINOUS
    Fairley - BRUTAL!
    SEC - AWEsome!
    Game was exciting...

  5. I am glad that Chizik let Fairley have it for that knee- that was seriously not cool.

    SEC! SEC!

  6. I don't agree with Fairley's actions either. I just love the picture of him smiling & holding the trophy. Most of the others I found were kissing the trophy

  7. I've said it all season that Fairley needed to straighten up..... but right now, I'm so proud to call myself an Auburn girl. Gene Chizik has shown the most class and how humble he is. And we need to do everything we can to keep Gus Malzahn at Auburn. Those uniforms were making me crazy, every time they ran, I thought it was a flag being thrown. The socks were blinding! Oh, and those cakes.... drool!!!!

  8. I couldn't get past the highlighter socks on the ducks. Way to go Auburn. And cheers to a 5th year for the SEC to be on top!

  9. Gotta love the SEC!!! Nick Fairley is an incredible player. Although, I have a feeling he'll be a Carolina Panther come April and that will mean that our Saints will have to defend him twice a year. Ouch!

  10. Gotta love the SEC. I agree about the socks... I thought they all looked like they were running around in highlighter caps.

  11. Weren't those uniforms crazy bright. I get that the CEO of NIKE went there and always wants them in different uniforms but good lord.


  12. Oh em gee. The last minute of the game I thought my heart was going to explode! I'm so glad the won!

    And the duck's uniforms. The first few plays I couldn't concentrate on the ball because I was paying attention to their feet. Ha

  13. Love it! So happy the SEC won! And I agree - those uniforms were dreadful... the socks\shoes blur was hideous!