Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30 Days of Me Day 6

Wow!  Day 6 of  30 Days of Me.  Today's post is about my favorite super hero and why. 
I freely admit that I have never been big into super heroes but I guess I  might end up learning a little more with three nephews.   Though you will find a Superman magnet on my fridge, I bought it for one of my sorority little sisters who is really into Superman and never ended up giving it to her (I bought it and put it up for a gift and then lost it).  It makes me smile and think of her every time I see it. 
Okay so if I had to pick a favorite superhero it would be Wonder Woman. 

Mainly because I loved the show when I was a kid. The show was also one of the only shows my father and I could agree on then.   I had the underoos to look like her and thought I was so tough when I wore them.  Though I never did have a set of gold cuffs to click together and spin into Wonder Woman. In her identity of Diana Prince she always came across to me as a smart and put together lady.  
I will admit she probably came to mind so fast because I heard recently they are updating her look.   After 69 years in the same costume.  They got rid of the patriotic look.  I don't like the new look and think they should have left a good thing alone.

So what do y'all think the new or old look for Wonder Woman.

Monday, August 30, 2010

30 Days of Me Day 5

Day 5 of the 30 Days of Me is to post a picture of somewhere you have benn. 

I have never left the country so there won't be any exciting places on my list.  But one day I will. 

Longwood  in Natchez, MS.  In the shot there were several little girls in period dresses getting thier pictures made during the Spring Pilmgrimage.

Fort Sumter

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Workout update

Last week wasn't the greatest for workouts.  My knee was really bothering me Tuesday and Wednesday.  I did get in cardio 5 days last week, which I am happy with even if I had to cut it short a bit two days due to knee issues.  I only got in one full body toning exercise.  but I did get in all my ab and arm workouts.  At least I didn't give totally in and skip on those which I have done in the past. 
As for the ab toning belt.  I got a couple questions on it last week.  The belt says it fits waists up to 51 inches.  Is it helping yet I can't tell but then I didn't expect it to after only a week.  One thing for sure it will really make your waist sweat during the workout.  Each day I came home and it was soaking and had to be hung up to dry for a couple hours before I could repack it in my gym bag.  I will take my measurements at the end of the week to see if it is helping along with all those ab workouts to shrink my muffin top yet. 
I am really hoping I don't have any knee issues this week.  I want to get in a good week of total body toning this week.  Only this week and next week before vacation.  I am getting so excited. 

30 Days of Me Day 4

Day 4 of the 30 Days of Me is to talk about a habit I wish I didn't have.  This is a tough one.  And took a lot of thought. 
I would say that the habit I wish I didn't have is procrastination.  I need to learn to just get it done when the item comes up and not put it off.  I put it off and then have to rush to get things done.  And when I am rushing to get the things done I get really frustrated with myself.  The funny thing is I don't procrastinate at work.  Go figure! 
I don't know if this is a habit I will ever break but I have been working on it this year.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hannah Swensen Mystery Series

I found another murder mystery series.  I was wondering Books A Million one day and noticed a book in the clearance section it was Key Lime Pie Murder (Are you seeing a pattern here?).  It sounded cute and I noticed it was part of a series.  Thankfully the first one was next to it.   They sounded kind of cute so I picked up the first in the series.  Each book in the series has the name of a sweet treat. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Murder
Strawberry Shortcake Murder
Blueberry Muffin Murder
Lemon Meringue Pie Murder
Fudge Cupcake Murder
Sugar Cookie Murder
Peach Cobbler Murder
Cherry Cheesecake Murder
Key Lime Pie Murder
Carrot Cake Murder
Cream Puff Murder
Plum Pudding Murder
Apple Turnover Murder
Candy Cane Murder (holiday mystery)

Each book also has the recipes from many of the cookies that Hannah makes for her store, The Cookie Jar.  And there are a couple that I really want to try. 

The books take place in Lake Eden, Minnesota.   After leaving grad school to come home to help her mother Delores after her father dies.  Since Hannah has always enjoyed baking she decides to open up a cookie/coffee shop in town.  Hannah is the oldest of three girls.  And her mother is having a fit because she is not married yet and working hard to get her married off.  Delores is worried that she will never find a decent man if she doesn't stop finding dead bodies.  Hannah gets involved solving her first murder during the Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder to help her brother-in-law Bill out after he receives the case as a test for promotion to detective in the Winnetka County Police. 
Bill is married to Hannah's sister Andrea and father to her niece Tracey.  Andrea works with Hannah to help solve the murders and does her best to keep Bill from finding out that she is helping Hannah.
Hannah is able to put in the time to work on solving murders while running the busy Cookie Jar and catering events around town thanks to her wonderful assistant Lisa.  Lisa is an 18 year old who gave up college to stay home and take care of her father who has Alzheimer's.  Hannah decides in the second or third novel (I can't remember which now) to make her a partner and gives Lisa 30 percent of the business. 
There are two men in Hannah's life, Norman Rhodes and Mike Kingston.  Norman is a dentist in town and his mother Carrie is a good friend of Hannah's mother Delores.  Their mothers have decided that they are the perfect match and are pressing them for a relationship.  While Mike Kingston moves to Lake Eden at the end of the first novel to work at the Winnetka County Police.  Mike is also the top pick for Hannah by Andrea and Bill. 
Hannah's youngest sister Michelle is off at college and as of yet, I am only reading the fifth novel, she is only mentioned.  And the final recurring character is Hannah's cat Moishe.  After buying her condo Hannah finds Moishe and takes him in.  Hannah seems to constantly needing to feed Moishe.  Hannah has even had to put a padlock on the pantry to keep Moishe out of the closet. 

I started the fifth novel last night.  I am still waiting for the fourth one to be free from the library but I didn't have anything else to read last night so I went ahead and started on the Fudge Cake Murder.

 All the novels I have read so far take place in the Winter.  And even in the high temps of the last month the books have made me want to go make some hot chocolate too.  The books are really good and a fast read.  Which reminds me I need to go out and put on hold the next couple books in the series and hope they come in at the beginning of next week. 

I got the pictures of the covers from Amazon


30 Days of Me Day 3

Here we are at day three of getting to know me.  Today's goal is to post pictures with friends. 

R, J, W, me, and CC at dinner when we were in Natchez in March. 

S and I at a friends wedding 3 years go. 

Beth and I hanging out after a game at her parents condo in Oxford.  Mackenzie snuck in too.

R & I in the grove last year.  Can you tell we were excited to see each other?

R, me, RW, and SC at their tent in the Grove.  Our smiles were even bigger that night since we beat LSU.

Friday, August 27, 2010

30 Days of Me Day 2

Day Two of the 30 Days of Me is to state how I came up with the blog name.

There is nothing exciting about how I came up with the name.  I did play around with a few different names and now I couldn't tell you what they were.  I asked a friend or two their opinions on the names I came up with and they liked This G.R.I.T.S. Tale.   I came up with it because I am a G.R.I.T.S. and this is my tale. 
It might not always be an exciting tale but it is my story and thanks for following along with me.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

30 Days of me Day 1

Last night I saw a post by Yankee Atlanta Belle about a 30 day Get to know you of posts.   I decided to do it too though mine will take more than 30 days as my vacation falls during the next month.  And I doubt that I get many done to post while I am gone. 

So here goes.  Day one is post a recent picture of yourself

This was taken in March.  I was waiting for my second Key Lime Pie Martini.

The second part is to give 15 interesting facts about myself.

1.    I am the oldest of two
2.    My birthday is Christmas Day
3.    I am an Air Force brat
4.    I started playing the flute when I was 10
5.    I love to cross-stitch
6.    I love being an Aunt
7.    I watch Big Brother every season
8.    My favorite music artist is Eric Clapton
9.    Someone has to be in the house with me after I watch a scary movie
10.  I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up
11.  When I was really little I called lime sherbert green ice cream and it was my favorite
12.  I was named after my grandmothers
13.  I love to cook
14.  I love martini glasses
15.  I love to read.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Drunk Peaches

I was inspired by Tyler Florence recipe for the Bourbon Peach Cobbler and made what I am calling Drunk Peaches tonight.  I bought some peaches over the weekend and needed to do something with them.  And I admit when I did this I didn't do any measuring when I was mixing this up. 

I cut up the peaches in halves.  I took a shot and half of bourbon, a couple pinches of brown sugar, two dashes of cinnamon and a couple pinches of sugar and mixed them together and poured the mixture over the peaches.    Sorry I didn't think about pictures right away.  I put them in the fridge while I went to do a strength workout. 

I sprinkled them with some honey roasted pecans on the tops before baking. 

I baked the peaches at 350° for 15 minutes. 

I served them with some ice cream and drizzled part of the sauce over the top. 

They turned out really yummy!  This will be a great quick dessert to whip up in the future. 

I will admit I could still taste the bourbon (which I didn't with the cobbler). 

The pecans I used.  These things are great to just throw on some vanilla ice cream too. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Workout update

My workouts have been going pretty well.  I have gotten in at least 4 days at the gym each of the last 3 weeks.  And strength workouts at least 2 times.  I pulled out an old workout from Self magazine, Tone Every Trouble Zone (link to the slide show of the moves)  It uses a beach ball throughout the workout and is why I saved it because the beach ball made it a little fun.  I can't find the beach ball I bought to do the workout with so I have been using my medicine ball.  I am seeing some small results which will always help you keep  the workouts out.
I also have been doing some extra ab work on top of the all over toning exercises.  The July issue of Shape featured Jewel and her ab workout.  I have done the workout at least twice a week for the last two weeks and it certainly makes my abs sore and they are getting flatter.  I could certainly handle having my abs look like Jewel's. 

I also decided to pick up an ab toning belt Friday afternoon.  Yes I know they are not miracle workers but decided to see if it would help even the slightest.  I read a few reviews about a couple different belts and people are talking about how they lost inches using them.  I decided to pick up the Gold's Gym toning belt at Wal-Mart for $5, which claims it will help shed water weight.

I used it for the first time this morning at the gym.  It really made my ab area sweat. I got home and it was dripping in sweat and had to hang it up to dry before putting it back into my gym bag.  At least if this doesn't work I only wasted $5.  And if it works I might go back and pick up the shorts for under $10. 

Have a great week ladies!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random Wednesday

Sorry I have not been expired much lately.  I am blaming it on the heat.

I went to Old Navy last night to pick up some jeans while they were on sale.  I tried on the next size down and they are still to tight.  To make myself feel better after that sad moment I saw these and picked them up.

Just in time for the beginning of football season

I got the boots in the dark brown.  But they had them in black and a camel color too.

I have become slightly obsessed with the Texas Toast Sea Salt and pepper croutons.  So much so that I have almost finished the bag I bought Sunday and not all of them went on salads.

The workouts have been going great.  And so has the eating. 

Is finding it even harder to get out of the bed in the mornings now that it is dark when the alarm goes off. 

Is glad Big Brother is finally getting interesting this season.  Until now it has been the most boring season ever.

Eric Clapton has a new album coming out next month.  I can't wait. 

Ole Miss football season starts in 17 days.  HOTTY TODDY!! 

Happy Hump Day!!!

the pictures are from the Old Navy site

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mexican Fiesta

I am back on the grill tonight.  I pulled out one of the Grill mate marinade packets tonight to use on a steak I bought this morning.  And since I have been craving Mexican all week and no one was up for indulging me in that craving it was an easy choice.  I pulled out the Mexican Fiesta marinade packet. 
I am not a big steak eater and have only bought steak one other time.  I was glad to see that Kroger had theirs labeled which type of cooking the steak would be good for. 

I marinated the whole steak but only cooked half tonight and froze the rest in the marinade to pull out for another night.  I also picked up a couple ears of corn to grill too. 

While the steak was grilling I ate a salad and mixed up some Cilantro Lime butter to put on the corn.

I took two spoonfuls of butter, dash of lime juice, and two dashes of dried cilantro leaves.  And it turned out really well.  I was inspired by a page I pulled out of a Better Home and Garden magazine in 2007.

The steak turned out great.  And I got to use my steak knives for the first time (I got the set 2 years ago at Christmas).  I wasn't kidding when I said that I don't cook steak very often. 

I cut off a small piece of the steak to eat tonight.  I am going to use the rest for tacos tomorrow night. 

I made a more diet friendly dessert for this week Blackberry Fusion Jello. 

Now off to watch the season finale of Next Foodnetwork Star.  Go Artie!!!!!  And I will get in a workout too.

Have a great week everyone!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Follow Friday

It is Follow Friday over at Maryland Pink and Green.  And this week Sweet Southern Prep is co-hosting the party.   

Here's how to play:

1. Find new blogs to follow and be sure to follow the hostesses Ashley and Bethany of the blog hop.

2. Be sure to follow someone who follows you and let them know that you found them through Follow Friday. You all know how much we love comments!

3. Tell your other blogger friends about Follow Friday and encourage them to join

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bourbon Peach Cobbler

I am a fan of Food Network on Facebook and two weeks ago they posted the recipe for Bourbon Peach Cobbler from Tyler Florence and asked what would you serve with it.  Duh, what else do you serve with cobbler, vanilla ice cream.  The recipe sounded so good I knew I had to try it.  And it is a perfect time right now with all the fresh peaches in the stores.  

Bourbon Peach Cobbler 

8 peaches, peeled & sliced (6 to 8 cups)
1/4 c. bourbon
3/4 c. sugar, plus more for sprinkling
2 tbsp. cornstarch
1 tsp. ground cinnamon, plus more for sprinkling
1 1/2 c. all-purpose flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. kosher salt
2 sticks cold unsalted butter
3/4 c. heavy cream, plus more for brushing

Preheat the oven to 375°.  Combine the peaches, bourbon, 1/4 c. sugar, the cornstarch and cinnamon in a large bowl and toss to coat.

Sift the flour, the remaining 1/2 c. sugar, the baking powder and salt into a bowl.  Cut in 1 1/2 sticks of the butter into small pieces; add to the flour mixture and cut it in with pastry blender or your hands until the mixture looks like coarse crumbs.  Pour in the cream and mix just until the dough comes together.  Don't overwork; the dough should be slightly sticky but manageable. 

Melt the remaining 1/2 stick of butter in a 10 inch cast iron skillet over medium-low heat.  add the peach mixture and cook gently until heated through, about 5 minutes.  Transfer the mixture to a 2 quart baking dish (or leave in the skillet).  Drop the dough by tablespoonfuls over the warm peaches.  (There can be gaps because the dough will puff up and spread as it bakes).  Brush the top with some heavy cream and sprinkle with sugar and a little extra cinnamon.

Bake in the oven on a baking sheet (to catch any drips) until the cobbler is browned and the fruit is bubbling, 40 to 45 minutes. 

I wasn't good about remembering to take pictures last night since I didn't start until 7:30. 

It was really yummy!  I can't wait to have some more tonight when I get done with my ab workout.  The plan is to take the rest to the office tomorrow so I don't end up eating it all.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Evening

I got some much needed rest over the weekend.  Last week I had someone under me out and it was a crazy week since it was the first week of the month.  And it looks like I will be spending a bit of time in the office next weekend.  But even 2 hours without anyone else there you can get so much done.  I am worried I will be struggling to get caught back up before my vacation and then spend a couple weeks after catching up.   I can't believe I am just barely a month away from my vacation.  I spent part of the weekend looking online for places to go in Savannah.  We know where we want to head in Charleston.  I still need to look at things to do in Hilton Head too. 
I tried on my bikinis Thursday morning.  And it wasn't as terrible of an experience as I thought it would be.  Thankfully!!!!  And believe it or not the string bikini was the one I looked the best in.  I did go buy another one during lunch too.  I had been looking at one for a month or more at Target and when I went it was on clearance and got the last one they had.  It was meant to be since it was in my size. 
I did well eating and working out this past week.  Now to keep it all up before the trip so those bikinis look even better. After all I don't want to scare anyone on the beach.  :)  At the end of this week I am going to get brave and try on my capris to see if I am fitting into those now too.  Fingers crossed ladies!
I made the Caribbean Chicken Kabobs tonight.  And they were just as good cutting 1 tbsp. of Jerk seasoning from the recipe.  I have been craving them for a couple weeks and was a big reason why I went to get the grill.  So this week I am going to search through my cookbooks to find a new grill recipe to try. 

Have a great week ladies!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Name of the Band


Tonight is the last Peabody Rooftop Party of the year.  And it will be the only one I make it too because Cowboy Mouth will be there.  Boy what a night to pick to go hang out on the top of

Our temps have been in the 100s all week and that is before the heat indexes.  I wouldn't go in these temps if Cowboy Mouth was not going to be there.  I am not that crazy.  There is still a group of us who get together and go each year when they come to town. 

I love watching the sun set over the Mississippi River from the rooftop.  To bad I don't have anyone to share that view with.  I am looking forward to hanging out with friends for the evening.  And who knows maybe W will catch another drumstick this year. 

picture of Cowboy Mouth from www.cowboymouth.com 
pictures of The Peabody hotel found on the web

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Grilled New Potato Packet

I picked up the new grill Friday night.  Though I didn't get to use it until tonight.  I had to get some canola oil to season the grill.  The new grill has the infrared technology.

Isn't cute!  The sides fold down to save space. 

A couple weeks ago one of the grocery stores had the the grill mates marinade mixes on sale so I picked up a couple.  And I found one on clearance at Target.  I had a tough decision tonight.

In the end  I went with

I also made Grilled New Potato Packet.  I got the recipe from Kraft foods and have been wanting to try it for a couple months but the old grill wasn't working well. 

Grilled New Potato Packet

1/2 lb each red and white baby new potato (I only used red)
2 tbsp. water
2 tsp. oil (I used olive oil)
3 tbsp. Kraft Sun-dried tomato vinaigrette dressing
2 tbsp. Parmesan cheese
1 tbsp. chopped parsley

Preheat grill to medium heat.  Place potatoes in center of 18 inch long piece of heavy-duty foil.  (or, use double layer of foil.)  Drizzle with water and oil.  Bring up foil sides.  Double fold top and ends to seal packet, leaving room for heat circulation inside. 
Grill 18 to 20 minutes or until potatoes are tender. 
Cut slits in foil to release steam.  Open packet.  Drizzle potatoes with dressing; sprinkle with cheese and parsley. 

jazz it up:  add 2 cloves of garlic, minced and 1/4 tsp cracked black pepper to packet with water and oil.

The potatoes and chicken were great.  Though I think next time I will add a bit of the dressing in the packet while grilling to give them a bit more flavor.

It went great with some White Strawberry Sangria.