Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Wednesday

I don't have much to write about this week.  But hopefully I will have something this weekend.  I went and bought a new grill today and Lowe's should have it put together and ready for pick up on Friday.  I am so ready to have a grill that is reliable.  There are a few recipes I want to try out.

I did find out Friday afternoon that I didn't get the job I interviewed for.  But I am okay with that.  And I am happy that it took that tough decision out of my hands.   One of my current co-workers did get one of the positions available and I am happy for him.  Though I will miss him as he is one of the few people who does still make me laugh around there. 

I do have something to look forward too.  My grandmother and I moved our trip up a month.  I am getting so excited.  Though it means I need to see if any of my swim suits fit and if not go shopping for one this weekend.  ugh!  Only 1 1/2 months to get ready to bare that much skin. 

I came home from work today to find a spider had woven a web all across the top part of my back door.  Outside thankfully.  Not a site you really want to see when getting home.  I found the bug spray and opened the door and started spraying.  It took almost a fourth of the bottle to kill it.  Note to self buy more this weekend. 

I hope the rest of the week treats everyone well.  I am off to eat dinner and work in the yard. 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Covered Hangers

We all have those special items we like to take extra care hanging up.  When I was a Brownie scout I learned to how to cover hangers.  I don't think that it was to earn a badge.  I still make some on occasion.  They are great to hang my nice dresses and shirts on. 

Step one is to match up to metal hangers and tape them together. 

I managed to get several ready to make today.

Step 2 is to pick out two balls of yarn to use. 

Step 3 tie the two balls of yarn to the top of the hanger.  I don't have pictures of the next couple steps.
Step 4 Take one ball of yarn through the hanger on the opposite side to make a loop and put the ball of yarn through the loop.  Pull it tight to the hanger.  You can switch between the balls of yarn as often as you like I usually do every two. 
Step 5 Once a long string of stitches are put together push them up so that they are tight. 

Step 6 continue the steps 4 and 5 until the hanger is complete. 

You can create the fringe by making several loops of the yarn and then cutting through the loops.  Tie the string to the top of the hanger. 

I used hangers that come from the cleaners to make these hangers. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

A First

I received my first blog award this week from Bella Michelle at Southen Somedays.  As part of the award you youve to tell 10 things about myself. 

1.   I am an Air Force brat
2.   My favorite color is Blue
3.   I am a Chicago Bears fan
4.   Fried Okra is my favorite food
5.   I started playing the flute when I was 10 (haven't picked it up in a while though, so sad)
6.   I don't know how to add everyone's cute blog buttons to my page
7.   I am a ZTA
8.   I love to cross-stitch
9.   I don't own any Lily Pultizer and never heard of her until the blog world (I know terrible)
10. My birthday is Christmas Day

Now I pass this award along to

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-Christy at Embellished Bayou
-Brittany at Tales of a Southern Belle and Her Beau
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Follow Friday

It is that time again.  Follow Friday over at Maryland Pink and Green.  Hop on over and join the fun.  You will find some great blogs to follow including Bethany's.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Totally Random

The parents decided to leave this afternoon instead of tomorrow.  Now I have a totally free day tomorrow.  We hit Paula Deen's buffet as planned Tuesday night.  While waiting in line I look over and see this

Not the greatest picture but Toby Keith is putting a bar right next door to the buffet in Harrah's.  I think I need to make a visit when it opens. 

My father took care of his daddy do list.  Except for one thing JF did last night.  my office chair had a rail fall out and I had not gotten around to fixing it yet and we needed more chairs at the table last night.  I forgot to tell Daddy about that item when I left for work yesterday morning. 

Today we hit the outlet mall and a few other places after a breakfast of caramel apple waffles.  After they left I took a nap and then started catching up on blogs from the last couple days.  I noticed on a few a notice from the cutest little blog that the things were changing.  It seems that the script needs to change in the backgrounds.  I tried to do it and my blog went to an all whit background.   Not very appealing.  So I went to pick a new background from blogger.  It may stay it may not. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ready as ever

The parents will arrive tomorrow evening and I am ready as I will be at this point.  I got home tonight and finished folding a load of laundry and baked a cake.  Bethany at Maryland Pink And Green posted about a diet cake? last month and I knew it would be a good thing to try with the parents here.  And It turned out yummy.  I used the Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge cake mix with coke. 

 It didn't turn out pretty as I still haven't gotten the knack of getting a cake out of a pan in one piece. But it worked out because I got to try some and it was yummy.  I didn't ice the whole thing because it would be better for the diabetic parents not to have so much sugar.  I have to admit I thought it would be fun to crush some oreo cookies and put in the icing in the middle layer but I forgot to buy any.  I will save that for next time. 

I also got the yard mowed.  Well the front and part of the back.  There is was a black cloud that just kept hanging over the neighborhood so I quit and put it all up before I got soaked.  Always a wise thing since my mower is electric.  I will have to finish tomorrow night after we get in from the buffet or early Wednesday morning before heading to work.  That is unless I can talk daddy into adding that to the daddy-do list.  :)
The guest room also underwent a minor transformation.  I decided to pull out my quilt and eyelet stuff to put on the bed.  I got the set for my first apartment in college.  It had a set of pillow shams that went with it but my brother ruined one of them.  I hope to see some more changes by the end of the weekend aka the tv and tv stand gone back to Bama with the parents. 

I really would like to get a solid covered quilt or coverlet to put on the bed and use the quilt at the foot.  But I can't decide what color to use.  Any suggestions would be great.  And FYI I don't care much for yellow the most I can stomach is what is already on the quilt. 

Busy weekend

This weekend was busy. My parents gave decided they are coming to visit this week. They have changed thier minds at least 4 times since telling me the dates. I spent the weekend well more like just yesterday getting the house cleaned, making a menu and washing clothes since I put my drying rack in the guest bathroom. Tonight is going to be jsu as crazy as I have to mow the whole yard when I get home, bake a cake and put all the linens on the guest bed. Not to mention wrapping gift for my father for his birthday.
I have no clue what we are going to do while they are here other than head down to Harrah's Tunica to eat at Paula Deen's buffet. My mother is upset that she is the only one of us who has not been.
It should be interesting. Then by grandmother called over the weekend and wants to change the dates of our trip. My uncle is going to Germany on business trip at the same time and my aunt wants to go with him. My bosses are going to think my family is crazy for not knowing when we want to go on a vacation.

Happy Monday!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Next Food Network Star

I am not a huge realty show watcher. But I do have a few and The Next Food Network Star is my favorite.  I love watching the Food Network so seeing who will be the hosting the next new show is always fun for me.  There have been several winners in the past I just could not stomach.   There were two of the winners that I just fell in love with from the beginning of the seasons they were contestants Guy Fieri (Season 2 winner) and Aaron McCargo Jr aka Big Daddy (Season 4 winner).  I knew that I could sit and watch these guys over and over again and isn't that what the Food Network is looking for from this show.  Last year I was happy when Melissa d'Arabian won.  I will totally admit that I would have been really happy with either of the finalist from Season 5.   As for the Season 1 (The Hearty Boys) and 3 (Amy Finley) winners I just found them annoying and never made it through a whole episode of their shows. 
Okay so along to this season.  Their are twelve contestants and have already at this point seen 5 of them eliminated.  One I couldn't believe she made it through 3 episodes was Dzintra Dzenis and she was the first contestant in six seasons that from the very beginning I didn't like and couldn't wait to see go.  I knew she was leaving that episode when presenting her dish to the selection committee she states that She didn't want the dish to feel like it was going down like a fur ball (maybe not exact words but the point of the phrase).  Not exactly a phrase you want to use about food at all but certainly not when the food is being judged.  I totally fell in love with Aria Kagan and Aarti Sequeira during the first episode and hope that  either of them will win the competition and from the fan vote on the Food Network website others agree with me. Both of these ladies have such bubbly personalities and their dishes sound yummy.  One other contestant is growing on me and that is Tom Pizzica.  The rest are just so neutral to me and I could take or leave them.  Check out the show on Sunday nights at 8 central. 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Adventures in Baby-sitting

Tonight I have been baby-sitting H so S & JF could go see a concert.  And thankfully it wasn't the wild night that happened in the 80s movie.  I will admit it has been around 10 years since I did any baby-sitting.  And my first diaper change in about that long too. 
They arrived around 5:30 and had picked up Sonic for H.  The only thing he ate was the tator tots.  I had them pick up a strawberry shake to share with H.  S & JF stuck around until they were sure we would be okay and took off.
We played outside a bit and with Belle. 

He also got in a workout.

Decided to drink from a big cup.  Yep I was smart and he only had water.  I am not sure if he is prouder of himself for thinking he could drink from it or the Colonel Reb cup. 

He also played DJ for me.

He really got into dancing to Hillbilly Bone by Blake Shelton. 

H is down for the count tonight.  And I am pretty sure Aunt Ruthie will needs lots of caffeine to make it through tomorrow. 

Have a great Friday!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Body scrub

I know we all hear about the different body scrubs to try.  I have never been a big user of them but if I come across a sample I will use it.   I love the Mary Kay hand scrub especially because it smells like peaches. 
And it  makes it even better when it arrives since I order it from my cousin in Colorado Springs.

They only have the set listed on the website. 

So to get out of the office last week I hit Target to wonder.  And it popped in my head that I needed to get some body scrub.  I found the Amazon Forest Brazil Nut and Vanilla Body scrub.  I don't go for strong spelling things and am very careful with floral sense they will mess up my sinuses.  And the price is great too $9.99.  The scrub smells heavenly and leaves my skin supper soft.  I love using it in my showers after hitting the gym. 

It even works great on the soles of my feet. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rainy Tuesday

After wanting rain for a couple weeks because the rose were looking so sad and I keep forgetting to water them.  The last two days we have had a few storms.  The roses look happier but I swear the weeds have grown amost a foot over night.  ugh!  I was hoping to wait until this weekend to mow since the parents will be here part of next week.  Looks like I might have to do that tomorrow because it looks so bad. 
I got a call last night and now have a second round interview scheduled tomorrow at 5.  And I know this sounds terrible but all I can think is that just adds another thing to my week.  I don't interview well and admit I thought I bombed the first one.  I will get it all done somehow. 
The best part of my week is getting to baby-sit H Thursday night.  It will be my first time baby-sitting him and I hope it goes well.  He is going to be coming to my house.  I might just need to go get the kiddo a toy to have at Aunt Ruthie's house.  :)
My week is crazy because today will be the only day this week I will have my full team.  And it is our busy season.  It is going to be a crazy week.  And I am trying to get ahead for my couple days off next week.  And all the chores and menu planning for visitors.  But at least I got back in the gym this week.  Last week was a complete dud in the workout area. 

Oh the White Strawberry Sangria was aweseome!!  I can't wait to make it again.

Friday, July 9, 2010

White Strawberry Sangria

I have had this recipe for a while and been wanting to try it.  The only problem finding Strawberry Schnapps.  I think this would be a great thing to serve at an alum meeting.  And I might have to suggest it for one of the next meetings. 

White Strawberry Sangria

1 (750 ml) bottle dry white wine, such as Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc
1/2 c. strawberry schnapps
1/4 c. sugar
2 c. sliced fresh strawberries
Whole Strawberries (optional)

In a 2 quart pitcher stir together wine, strawberry schnapps, and sugar until sugar dissolves.  Add sliced strawberries and chill for 1 to 4 hours.  Serve over ice.  If desired, garnish with whole strawberries. Makes 5 or 6 servings (about 8 oz each).

I bought a bottle of Pinot Grigio to use in the recipe.  Though I don't know what kind of strawberry schnapps Better Homes and Garden used because when I added mine the drink turned bright pink. 


Monday, July 5, 2010


Happy Monday!  Our office was closed today to celebrate the 4th.  And I made it a lazy day.  I was hoping to sleep in but Ms. Belle doesn't get that concept at all.  But at least it got me up and out of the house to take care of a couple errands before it got to hot.  I finally got around to printing off pictures that have been piling up on my memory card.  Now I just need to get motivated to work on my scrapbook.  And I picked up a new workout outfit in the hopes it will keep me motivated to keep up the workouts.  I am throwing that outfit in my gym bag once laundry is done tonight.  I also got in a good workout today and I was shocked to see how crowded the place was this morning. 
I did run by Lowe's and find out how long it would take for them to put a grill together.  I think I have figured out how to get it out when I get it home. 

I like how small this one is and that the sides fold down.  My patio isn't very big so it will fit great on it.  And it is has that new infrared technology.  While I was there I was really tempted to go ahead and buy a new oven since they were having a sale on Whirlpool appliances.  But I am going to wait a bit more before making that purchase. 
Well off to work on making a pasta salad to have for lunches this week.  I have my lunches figured out but I have no clue what I am going to do about dinner this week.

Have a great week ladies!!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beer Bread

I have had a very relaxing Fourth of July!  I hit the grocery store, gym, and lay around reading and watching America the Story of us on The History Channel.  Yesterday I watched The Revolution series on the same channel.  If you haven't watched either try and catch them.
While sitting around I couldn't the idea of beer bread out of my mind.  It actually has been there for about 2 weeks. When I went to the grocery store I got the items I needed and some pimento cheese to go with it.

Beer Bread

3 c. self-rising flour
1/4 c. sugar
1 (12 oz) bottle of light or dark beer

Stir together all ingredients; spoon dough into a lightly greased 8 1/2" x 4 1/2" loaf pan.  Bake at 375° for 55-60 minutes or until golden brown. 

Cool in pan on a wire rack 5 minutes.  Remove from pan, and cool on wire rack. 

A secon version which I have made the other times.
1/4 c. butter, melted
Backe at 350° for 45 minutes.  Pour melted butter over top.  Bake 10 minutes.

I have made this several times through the years and ususally make it with Bud Lite.  But tonight I had on hand and used it.

It will be something good to use for my lunches this week. 

Happy Fourth of July!!!!


(images found on bing)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Wow!  I still can't beleive half the year has come and gone.  I wish it would slow down a bit but it can wait until after I get off work tomorrow.  I am so ready for a long weekend with no plans.  The plan is to get the house cleaned tonight before bed and all I have to do the next couple days is read, workout, and spend time with friends and Belle.

My interview went well yesterday.  Off to a rocky start.  I get to the floor of the building and no one is at reception.  I went back down to the main lobby to call the hr person I had been speaking with (she is located in the MN office)  and she contacted someone and said they were going to be coming down to get me.  Expect the hr thought the main lobby and they thought the office lobby.  I finally went upstairs and someone walking by came out to help me out.  I think it went well bu they have more people to interview and I will hear something.  Thanks for all the good luck wishes.

The only plans I have for the holiday weekend are to head to the county seat tomorrow night for a kids parade and movie.  The kids can decorate thier bikes or wagons.  I can't wait to see how H enjoys it.  After the parade they are showing Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  I think it will be a great way to spend an evening.  And then I am sure when I get home there will be people already setting off fireworks.