Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Thoughts

  • I am off work until next Wednesday.  Today I spent the morning running errands.  And now am about to go get the house clean and start wrapping presents.  Yep, I finished my shopping Tuesday during my lunch.

  • When I was out finishing shopping this week I came across these really cute collectible guitars.  

  • I don't know where I would put them but they are cute.  

  • I don't know who ordered these cold temps in December but they need to unorder them.   It shouldn't be this cold until next month.  

  • I finally picked up my Christmas cards this morning.  Hopefully I can have them in the mail Saturday.

  • H's 2nd birthday party is on Saturday afternoon.  It will be a blast.  Aunt Ruthie needs to decide if he is getting 2 gifts for his birthday or Christmas.  I bought him three things.  

  • I took Belle to the vet this morning for her annual shots.  I came home covered in fur because she sheds 100% more when freaked out.  She has spent the whole time since coming home laying around looking pitiful.  

  • I am in the mood to bake but can't figure out what.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  

  • Holly over at  is having free shipping on all orders until December 24th

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  1. Hey lady! I did the same thing with our pups yesterday and my car looks insane with all the hair that they shed! I am so impressed with your Christmas organization!

  2. Check out the shortbread cookies over at Clover Lane (it's on my sidebar).... I'm going to make them this weekend!

  3. I laughed out loud about the cat hair! hahaha I of course recommend gingerbread men! You are So on the ball!!

  4. You are so ready for Christmas--that's impressive!

  5. Cool guitars! What kind of doggie do you have. And yes, you are my hero too about being ready for Christmas every year I try harder to get ready really early but its tough