Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home Tour Tuesday - Trimming the Tree

Today we are showing off our Christmas tress and talking about three special ornaments.  

This years tree.  I bought a new 9 foot tree this year.  I don't have a tree topper because I can't reach the top with my step stool.  

My grandmother made a set of 12 snowflake ornaments for me while my grandfather was in the hospital battling cancer.  She made a set for my father and my three uncles around the time they got married.  Well I should say two uncles because turns out I got my set before the youngest.  

This ZTA crest ornament was made by one of my pledge sisters the year we were initiated.  It is still one of my favorite ornaments.  

I bought this one last month.  Colonel Reb holding the American flag.  I have bought it for several friends too. The only mascot I will ever recognize for Ole Miss.  

It was so hard to come up with just three ornaments.  I started my collection with ones I got in college as my father won't let me have the ones I got as a kid.  


  1. Oh, that snowflake ornament....:::sniff:::

    Thanks for playing & sharing your stories!!

    Hope your day is great sweetie!


  2. Your tree is beautiful!! Love the snowflake ornament! (I'm here from HTT!)

  3. Your snowflake story made me almost tear up...that is so sweet and sentimental! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely ornaments with all of us!

    And thanks for linking up with Daphne and me!

    Have a great day,


  4. i love ornaments that have special meaning. two material things that i cherish most are my photos and my ornaments.

  5. LOL!! Love the stepstool remark! :) I can relate!

    visiting from HTT

  6. Hello, just stopping by from the Tour of Homes link up. Your ornaments are beautiful. Happy Holidays!!!

  7. Love the sorority ornament! Our mascot is a squirrel and I have several on my tree each year too.

  8. How sweet about the snowflake ornament! Your tree is beautiful!