Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday we celebrated H's 2nd birthday.  Today is actually his birthday. 

The birthday boy playing during the party. 

Daddy helping open the gifts.  Along with some cute girls. 

Playing with his big gift.  Aunt Ruthie got a good arm workout after everyone left lifting H up to make a goal.  Though he didn't want to use the basketball that goes with it.  And I got a dose of what I am in for the next two days chasing him around. 

I totally forgot to get a picture of the cute cake that Mrs. P made for him.  And he was more interested in the Hot Wheels on the cake. 


  1. My girl loved that basketball goal... and she didn't play with the ball it came with either!

  2. Aw! How cute!! At least you'll get a good workout in keeping up with him! :)