Monday, November 8, 2010


I totally admit that I wasn't able to stick with the Fitness workout I chose for even a week.  I was so unmotivated.  I am bad about sticking with a strength workout routine.  But this one didn't help as I have had Jillian Michaels Kettlebell workout dvd that came out in September on my mind.  So today I went and bought it.

I debated all last week going ahead and buying it or making myself do at least 2 weeks of her 30 day Shred dvd so I can remember how killer her workouts are before I do it.  Screw it I am going for it.  I watched the level 1 dvd tonight before I started dinner.  I also went through her tutorial.  She is really pushing her kettlebell that you can add and subtract weights too.   But that one is so out of my price range and I already bought one a couple months ago to use with a Self workout.  
Wish me luck!!!!  I am starting it tomorrow night.  And I hope I can get in the workout 3 times a week for the next month but will be happy if I make it twice a week.  


  1. Best of luck to you Ruth! You'll do great!



  2. Oh! Tell me how it is. I have the 30 day shred but so haven't done it in well...I don't even want to admit!

  3. Boy, you are an inspiration to me!! I need to get on the stick too. Sona bella, here I come...kidding of course!
    So great to hear from you. I always remerber your last comment when I think of Brit heading to ole miss. What do you think of the bear??

  4. Sharon,
    I am very against the bear. The only mascot that will ever exist for me is Colonel Reb.

    I will keep everyone updated. I was so tired tonight I skipped it but won't bail tomorrow night.

  5. I hope it goes well! Her 30 Day Shred kicked my butt!

  6. You go girl!! Yay you")

    I will tell you, I tired this last winter and I made it to day 14-15 and hurt my knee (old runners knee) and had to stop. I FELT great and I know you will see results! Good luck to ya.

    ps- tks for all your sweet thoughts/comments/prayers!

  7. Go girl! I need to get back to doing Jillian's workouts too. She kicks butt and takes names!

  8. Good for you!

    I have eaten so much candy, I need to step it up again. I always use the excuse that we are all covered up in winter to slack on my workouts a bit. And with all the holiday food coming up....yikes!

    Thanks for the compliment about the magnolia garden. It looked fabulous last year for about a week and a half. Then the heat just turned it brown. It lasts twice as long as an outdoor decoration, I don't think I will use it indoors again!

  9. I don't know why only the K came up- the comment above was from me. ;)