Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Workout update

I must confess I only managed to get in the kettlebell workout once last week.  And boy did it leave me sore for a couple days.  I did get in 3 days of cardio workouts at the gym.  So I don't feel like a complete failure.  I did intend to do the dvd when I got home Friday night from work but after spending two hours moving boxes around and getting them ready to ship I was exhausted.
Yesterday I spent another 6 hours or close to it moving boxes around.  I was so sore by the end of the day but I still went and met Mary at the gym.  If we hadn't already agreed I might have bailed on it.  So last night I spent 25 minutes on the treadmill.  Tonight I hit the gym for 20 minutes on the treadmill and then came home to do the kettlebell workout again.  I am determined to get in at least two this week.  I shouldn't be moving any more boxes until Thursday thankfully.  And I am off on Friday.  Yippee!
Wish me luck ladies!!!


  1. Ruth, I so admire the fact that even when you don't want to, you go through with your workout committments. Seriously. If you could wrap up a little of that motivation and ship it over, dear, I'd appreciate it (especially since I'm at my most imobile right now!).

    Love you,


    PS-I may have something exciting to tell you soon!!!

  2. WOW! I am loving your dedication and motivation... although I'm severely lacking in mine and you seem determined to remind me of that! :)

  3. Don't worry I've been MAJOR slacking on working out. And we're only going to be home 2 days before leaving to go home for Tgiving. But next week! Def back on track!!