Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Wednesday

This marks post #200.  Totally shocked to see the number tonight and realize that.

I was so excited to get my package from Katie over at The Perks.  We were paired up for the Preppy Christmas Swap.  I will post about all my goodies once Katie has her package as I didn't make it to the post office until today.  Hello caramel apple jam!.

I am trying to figure out my Thanksgiving menu.  I opted to stick here instead of going to my parents for the holiday.  S has invited me to join them since I will be in town but as I don't eat any of the traditional foods I am going to stick at the house and cook something I enjoy.  Now to figure out what that will be.

I decided to buy a Wii for my Christmas/Birthday gift to myself this year.  I have been checking out the deals and so far what Wal-Mart has going right now is looking better than any of the Black Friday deals.  Though I am excited to see the Wii fit on at Target.  

While I am here during Thanksgiving I am hoping to work on painting my bedroom if I can borrow a ladder from someone.  And I am going to paint an accent wall in the blue and thinking I am going to go against the norm and not make it the wall my bed is on.

I went to a new furniture store by the office Friday and wondered during lunch.  It is a store that sells items from market displays.  I fell in love with a bed but they only have it in a King and that is to big for me.  I am hoping to find it in a queen at another store in town.  We shall see if it will fit into my budget though. 

The one on display was in black but this is beautiful too!!! They also had a storage ottoman that was to cute and would have been perfect for H & G to keep toys in at my house.  But they only had one and it would look better with two due to the size.  


  1. Love the way you write! Gorgeous bed and hope you work out that Thanksgiving menu..I think what you start with you keep doing every year, well, me any way.

  2. Oooh love the bed! I hope you are able to find something similar in the size you need.

  3. That bed is absolutely gorgeous. Mine is ugly, now I want a new one lol. I might be on the search for something as cute as this.


  4. My husband and I just purchased a new bed and it looks almost exactly like the one you posted above. You have great taste, HA! Blue is my favorite color so your plans for your bedroom sounds awesome. I hope you post some pictures after you finish painting it. I can envision it already and it looks fabulous. :)