Monday, November 1, 2010

Painted by Holly

I was out shopping last weekend and came across the cutest Christmas cards and magnet.  I noticed on the back was the website of who made them.  When I got home I had to check out the site.  The only sad part I found by check out Painted by Holly is that she does not have the Christmas cards on the site and I bought the last set of Ole Miss ones the shop had.  Holly has done watercolors and turned them into bookmarks, magnets, prints, and note cards.  I saw several of the bookmark at the store but the only ones left were the Mississippi State, wonder what that says about State fans? 

Aren't the Christmas cards just to cute?  And I am loving the martini bookmark.  

I ordered the bookmark and a print last Tuesday night and my package arrived on Thursday.  She lives in Oxford so that helped them get here so fast.   I also had a few Christmas gifts too.  

I can't wait to pick up a frame and hang this print.  Each of the prints is numbered..  
I wouldn't mind having all the Ole Miss prints and one of Beale Street in Memphis. 

I explored through her watercolors and saw a few I will keep an eye on to see if she puts them up for sale as prints.  Holly also has a few other SEC school prints up for sale too. Go check out her site I promise you will find something cute to buy too.  



  1. i love finding stuff like this! and i especially like supporting local merchants and craftspeople. thanks for sharing it!

  2. I am going to see if she has any Tennessee stuff- thank you for the link! And thanks for the comment on the guest nook over at Yoga Gal. :D