Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Wish List

I have seen a lot of people putting their Christmas Wish Lists out on their blogs so I spent some time yesterday thinking about what I would want.   Just a few things I would like to see Santa bring me or find under the tree.  Mine is kind of long but I do have to gift giving events that day.   Not in any order either.

I love the Alex Cross series.

I loved this series and was sad to see it end.  

A cross-stitch scroll frame.  

For this man to be fired as Ole Miss AD.

I hear this is good.  It would have to be with Keith.

I put this on my list even though it is what I am buying myself.

What would the Wii be without this.

This gent on the football field.

A few more of these cute ornaments.

Because it is so cute.  And I already have the martini & pilsner.

A sapphire ring (not necessarily this one).

I have been wanting one for a while.  I am really excited that they are one of the Black Friday deals at Wal-Mart.


  1. Love these suggestions! Hope Santa brings them to you :) I need to look up the black friday deals.

  2. Love your wishlist. I have a crockpot & toaster oven on mine, and everyone is like arrrrgh way to have an adult list. Some people just don`t get that somethings need to be in our lives. Last year I wanted a swiffer jet and my grandma was like i`ll just buy it for you that's an embarrassing gift lol.


  3. I can see by your Christmas list you and I would be good friends. And you know my feelings towards Pete Boone. I just ordered a Colonel plush doll for my hubs for his Christmas stocking. Love those wine glasses!!! Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see your room.


  4. I'm SO glad that Shark was on the BF list. I'm hoping I can manage to get one. Maybe my mom can get it for me as a present! :) HAHA!

  5. Ooooooooo..... I LOVED "The Tudors," too!! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it! And you know what I want? A VERY late gift....... a National Title for my Tigers!!! Of course, right now, I just want us to BEAT BAMA!!

  6. Ruth, I know you well enough to know why each item is on your wish list~and I'm sure you'll get at least one of those *whistling*. Of course, now that we can see each other in person for the Holidays it'll be all the more precious!

    Here's to hoping all wishes come true!

    Love you

  7. I hope that Santa fills your stocking with everything on your list! :D I picked up the black version of the Wii last week ($20 off coupon at Target- woot!) but I was really tempted to get the red. Happy Thanksgiving!