Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Wednesday

I went out running errands and trying to get some Christmas shopping done.  No big deal right except I had not eaten all day and around noon drove by a new cupcake shop.  After I did some more shopping in the area I stopped in on my way home and picked up two.  Sorry no pictures of the shop as I didn't have my camera with me.  It took me a few minutes to decide between the 10 varieties offered by l'oven.  But I finally decided on the Ms. Scarlet (red velvet) and the P'Nuttiest (chocolate with peanut butter frosting).

As much as I love the chocolate & peanut butter combination the Ms. Scarlett was the best of the two.
The carrot cake was named Wha'sup Doc.  Very cute names I hope the shop sticks around.  

A sweet friend was at the flea market this weekend and found a perfect shirt for me.  

It is one of the Southern Chic shirts.  I can't wait to wear it.

I also found some cute Christmas cards and magnets and went to the artist site to order a few more items.  I will do a post about those when they arrive.  

I am excited to see tonight when I logged on that I have over 50 followers.


  1. How fun! Where is it at? We have one here and it's heaven! So yummy!!

    Congrats on 50 followers!!! :) YAY! You should celebrate with more cupcakes! ;)

  2. The cupcakes are totally adorable! Congrats on the new followers!! Your blog is awesome---

  3. LOVE the t-shirt!! I want one!

  4. I have told you that you're sending me one of those luscious cupcakes, right? ;) Love the shirt and if I could, I'd get one for every person in our household.

    Love our Colonel!!