Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween cupcakes

Every Halloween my department at work does a snack day.  This year I decided to make cupcakes instead of buying something.  I guess it is about time as this will be ninth Halloween to celebrate there.  I miss the days when the kiddos would come through to trick or treat and we would really decorate the department.  There was a contest for three years but we never won as you can't vote for your own department and we are the biggest.  

My carrier only holds 12 so I bought one of the small boxes that way none would be left here to eat later.

I got the idea for the candy corn spiky ones from the Food Network.  

I thought it would be cute to make some look like pumpkins.  I just took a piece of licorice and cut it up.  I gave up on getting the icing any darker.  

I bought some of the fall sprinkles in the Target dollar spot and did my best to get just the edges with them.

I hope everyone has a very Happy Halloween!!!  


  1. Super cute cupcakes!! Happy Halloween! (and Hotty Toddy!) xo

  2. How cute are these?! I have to make a Halloween snack for Sunday, and I may just copy you :)

  3. These cupcakes are beyond adorable!!! Happy Halloween to you -- I tagged you over on my blog today :)

  4. Love it Ruth! Happy Halloween friend of mine. I hope you have nothing but treats to look forward to.



  5. Cute! I made some for my sons class with Oreo dirt topping and gummy worms, it was supper easy.