Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Care Walk 2010

Last Thursday was the 7th Annual Care Walk in Oxford.  The Panhellenic Council puts the walk on each year.  And as Ole Miss has a delayed rush this is one of the last chances that the active sorority girls and rushees get to speak.  So yes they are all required to do participate in the walk.  The Greater Oxford ZTA alum chapter is also involved.  The chapter helps out at the registration table the day of the event and anything else that might need to be done and this year it was helping putting the goodie bags together.  About 10 of the girls from the Gamma Zeta chapter came up from Mississippi State to help us out too. 

A shot of some lining up to start the walk

Another shot with a pink ribbon tied on a column of the Union.

The Walk of Champions even got decked out in Pink for the event. 
It was also the finish line for the walk and where the goodie bags were picked up.

a shot of everyone coming in to finish. 

After the walk we had dinner in one of the ballrooms of the Union and our Founder's Day ceremony. 


  1. how cool is that we're not only blog buds, but also zeta sisters! i'm so glad you told me! love this event...looks like it was wonderful! xoxo