Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vacation meals

We ate out a good bit and other than traveling and one lunch at Wendy's we did our best to stick to local places.  I had looked online for several places to try and found Flamingo Doughnut Cafe.  Little did we know that they are closed on Monday's.  So we ended up eating at Bogey's, which is in the same strip mall.  It had a lot of golf themed items and statues in the place.  And had the best Raspberry Cream Muffin, which the owners made.

And had way to many choices to doctor up coffee with. 

We finally made it to Flamingo's Doughnuts Wednesday morning.  And it was worth going.  And I really thought about going back Saturday morning before we left even though it was the opposite direction we needed to go.  I got the Reece's doughnut and it was to die for.  I took a picture with my IPhone and sent it to a friend who after seeing the snicker's one to threatened to jump through my phone to get one of her own.

I was surprised that there were not more Flamingos in the restaurant. 

Just a few other speciality doughnuts they had to choose from and you could decorate your own.

Display only they make the doughnuts to order.

Thursday when we went back to Savannah and my grandmother had to eat at Leopold's.  In one of the brochures they had a picture of a ice cream sundae.  Though neither of us ended up ordering one.

I wish I had gotten a milkshake now instead of the ice cream but the chocolate raspberry was still good.  At least I think that is where I got that flavor.  We ate ice cream several times. 

We met old family friends for dinner Thursday night.  And we were lucky enough to get to eat here.

We really didn't believe that we would get the chance to eat here as we didn't want to waste time standing in line to get a time.  Thankfully one of our dinner companions happened by when there wasn't a line and got a time.  And he was happy to learn my father would be jealous. 

I don't eat out much anymore so by the end of the week I was feeling pretty crummy.  Not to mention I had the whole well it is vacation so why pick a good thing when we were eating out.  I got one salad the whole time I was on vacation.  The thing that has really stuck with me is those doughnuts.  I wish we had somewhere around here that sold something like that. 

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