Sunday, September 26, 2010


We spent two days of our vacation in Savannah.  The city is gorgeous.  I love that there are so many squares throughout the historic downtown.  Seeing the green space in the middle of  city is very peaceful to me.  On Tuesday we took a cruise down from Hilton Head and a tour on the Old Savannah Tours trolley.  Taking the tour gave us a good idea of places we would like to hit when we went back on Thursday. 

A view from the cruise ship of the Savannah skyline.

Fort Jackson

Cotton Exchange building

Cotton Exchange Bell

Identical Houses built for a set of twin girls

Cemetery that unfortunately Union soldiers felt the need to move bodies around during the siege.

The Pirate's house

The waving girl.  The tale is the woman went out to wave a white towel at every ship that past for 46 years while waiting on a sailor that loved her to return.

Washington Guns.  A gift to the city from President George Washington for all Savannah did during the Revolutionary War.

Your choice on the cost of your ride after a night our drinking.  This sits in front of the police station.

Two old police cars in front of the police station.

I really loved this house. To bad I couldn't get a shot without a truck in front of it.

City Market

I loved the ironwork on this fence.

Iron Gates made by Juliet Gordon Low. 

The above three shots are from the Savannah's Candy Kitchen.  I was amazed at how much they had in the store.  And getting to watch them make taffy and candy apples.  I got some divinity and dark chocolate covered marshmallows on Tuesday.  And Thursday I bought one of the tins and filled it with a mix of the candy in the barrels and taffy for the parents for keeping Belle.  My second thought while in there was I cold go broke in here if the niece and nephews were with me. 

The trip was a blast.  But I was glad to be back home in my own bed.  And there will be a trip in my future to Savannah so that I can explore some more of that beautiful city. 


  1. I love Savannah, definitely one of my favorite places!

  2. I just moved away from savannah - thank you so much for these amazing photos! I miss it soooo much

  3. I love Savannah too. Great city. My husband and I spent the millennial new year there. Great city.

  4. I just moved to Savannah in the spring from DC! Absolutely love it! Next time you are coming, I'll have to give you some recommendations!!

  5. Beautiful pictures, I hope I can visit one day!