Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hilton Head

It seems like we were going non-stop the whole time we were on vacation.  Hence why I am still exhausted.  I wish I had an extra day to recover. 
We arrived at the condo about 5:30 last Sunday night and unloaded the car.  After settling in we walked down to the beach. 

We were staying in the yellow building.  Unfortunately our windows faced the parking lot on the other side.  I took this shot halfway down the boardwalk to the beach. 

A gorgeous sunset the first night.

A view down the boardwalk.

Beautiful beach.

Houses next to our resort.  Does anyone want to buy me one?

Along the boardwalk they had signs explaining about the marsh live and Eco system.

Along the boardwalk there was a clear spot where a porch swing was hung.  The first thing that crossed my mind was during the summer I could see teens sneaking off to meet on the swing during a summer romance.

Monday we spent the day exploring Harbor Town in the morning.  And we both made it up the 114 steps of the lighthouse. 

A view from the top of the lighthouse.

On each landing there were different accepts of the history of the island. 

The afternoon we went to tour Rose Hill Plantation.  It was different seeing a house built in the Gothic style.  I can't remember seeing it only on churches.  You have to call to schedule a tour of the home.  The couple who owns the house actually live there too.   I loved the fact that the husband is an Ole Miss alum.

Isn't it gorgeous?  They renovated it from a shell after a fire.  They really had a vision for the house as they did not have access to any pictures of how the home looked before.  It now is part of a golf course community of homes.  And while sitting on the porch waiting for the tour to start we saw a mama deer and two babies walk across the road.  I tried to get a picture but couldn't get a good shot even with the zoom.
And believe it or not this home is 4 stories.  The top floor is their art studio.  The mural the owner painted in the atrium reminded me a little of the wallpaper at Dunleith in Natchez. 

I will end this post or it could go on forever.  It will probably take two or three posts to get through the whole vacation.


  1. Great photos!! And I ALWAYS need a vacation from my vacations! xo Cindy

  2. How can the beach be bad? Good for you.

    Carol-the gardener

  3. I adore Hilton Head. My family has a house in Shipyard Plantation and it is my favorite place to be (if only it was a little closer to my hometown, 8 hours is a LONG drive). Great post!