Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Package

My cousin sent me an email about two weeks ago wanting to know if I needed to order any Mary Kay.  It took me until the end of last week to send her a message about what I needed.  I only ordered one item but when I got the package, okay she sent me a message saying telling me, there are other goodies in the package.  

Isn't the inside of the box so cute?

I knew I was getting the Satin Hands scrub I ordered but didn't figure I would be getting the whole set. 

Aren't the bags cute? 

Also in my package was trial bottles of sunscreen, after sun skin replenishing gel, and subtle tanning lotion.  I think someone remembered I am headed to the beach shortly.  And they will be put in my suitcase tonight so I don't forget them. 

I also got a tube of lip gloss.  The color is cream & sugar.  And as of right now is the only makeup I have on.  I like the color and the way it feels on.

I know most people have a local Mary Kay person.  Besides she is my cousin I like getting unexpected packages in the mail.  Okay yeah I ordered it but I didn't know when it would get here.    If you are interested in any thing and don't know a local person check out her site


  1. I just found your site. I'm following along...I need inspiration.

  2. Oh my goodness how cute! And very exciting! When did Mary Kay get so modern? I always think of those pastel pink cars when I think MK... but I need to check out their products again!