Friday, September 24, 2010

30 Days of Me Day 19

30 Days of getting to know me.  Day 19 is to tell my nicknames and why I have them. 

I totally admit I didn't get nicknames until college.  I have to that have stuck and they are Ruthie and Ru. 
Ruthie is what S has always called me and I think the first to ever use it and that was my Sophomore year. 
Ru came from X.  I am not sure when he gave me that name but then in the 14 years we have been friends I can't remember him calling me anything but Ru. 
I don't have a clue why they gave me these names but they sure have stuck.  And I am glad of it. 

And Beth you can correct me if I am wrong that S was the first to call me Ruthie.  If she wasn't she was the first to stick with it. 


  1. Ruthie, you're more likely to know than I, but I do know I did dub thee Baby Ruth (which I rarely say bc I know it annoys).

  2. Yes it does. Because it always seems to be followed by a reference to the candy bar from others.