Sunday, August 29, 2010

Workout update

Last week wasn't the greatest for workouts.  My knee was really bothering me Tuesday and Wednesday.  I did get in cardio 5 days last week, which I am happy with even if I had to cut it short a bit two days due to knee issues.  I only got in one full body toning exercise.  but I did get in all my ab and arm workouts.  At least I didn't give totally in and skip on those which I have done in the past. 
As for the ab toning belt.  I got a couple questions on it last week.  The belt says it fits waists up to 51 inches.  Is it helping yet I can't tell but then I didn't expect it to after only a week.  One thing for sure it will really make your waist sweat during the workout.  Each day I came home and it was soaking and had to be hung up to dry for a couple hours before I could repack it in my gym bag.  I will take my measurements at the end of the week to see if it is helping along with all those ab workouts to shrink my muffin top yet. 
I am really hoping I don't have any knee issues this week.  I want to get in a good week of total body toning this week.  Only this week and next week before vacation.  I am getting so excited. 

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