Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Evening

I got some much needed rest over the weekend.  Last week I had someone under me out and it was a crazy week since it was the first week of the month.  And it looks like I will be spending a bit of time in the office next weekend.  But even 2 hours without anyone else there you can get so much done.  I am worried I will be struggling to get caught back up before my vacation and then spend a couple weeks after catching up.   I can't believe I am just barely a month away from my vacation.  I spent part of the weekend looking online for places to go in Savannah.  We know where we want to head in Charleston.  I still need to look at things to do in Hilton Head too. 
I tried on my bikinis Thursday morning.  And it wasn't as terrible of an experience as I thought it would be.  Thankfully!!!!  And believe it or not the string bikini was the one I looked the best in.  I did go buy another one during lunch too.  I had been looking at one for a month or more at Target and when I went it was on clearance and got the last one they had.  It was meant to be since it was in my size. 
I did well eating and working out this past week.  Now to keep it all up before the trip so those bikinis look even better. After all I don't want to scare anyone on the beach.  :)  At the end of this week I am going to get brave and try on my capris to see if I am fitting into those now too.  Fingers crossed ladies!
I made the Caribbean Chicken Kabobs tonight.  And they were just as good cutting 1 tbsp. of Jerk seasoning from the recipe.  I have been craving them for a couple weeks and was a big reason why I went to get the grill.  So this week I am going to search through my cookbooks to find a new grill recipe to try. 

Have a great week ladies!!!


  1. Congrats on a week full of healthy eating! There are so many yummy treats during the summer, it's hard to stay on track! Those kabobs sound delicious!

  2. You deserve the string bikini! Oh how I would kill to wear one :) Someday!