Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hannah Swensen Mystery Series

I found another murder mystery series.  I was wondering Books A Million one day and noticed a book in the clearance section it was Key Lime Pie Murder (Are you seeing a pattern here?).  It sounded cute and I noticed it was part of a series.  Thankfully the first one was next to it.   They sounded kind of cute so I picked up the first in the series.  Each book in the series has the name of a sweet treat. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Murder
Strawberry Shortcake Murder
Blueberry Muffin Murder
Lemon Meringue Pie Murder
Fudge Cupcake Murder
Sugar Cookie Murder
Peach Cobbler Murder
Cherry Cheesecake Murder
Key Lime Pie Murder
Carrot Cake Murder
Cream Puff Murder
Plum Pudding Murder
Apple Turnover Murder
Candy Cane Murder (holiday mystery)

Each book also has the recipes from many of the cookies that Hannah makes for her store, The Cookie Jar.  And there are a couple that I really want to try. 

The books take place in Lake Eden, Minnesota.   After leaving grad school to come home to help her mother Delores after her father dies.  Since Hannah has always enjoyed baking she decides to open up a cookie/coffee shop in town.  Hannah is the oldest of three girls.  And her mother is having a fit because she is not married yet and working hard to get her married off.  Delores is worried that she will never find a decent man if she doesn't stop finding dead bodies.  Hannah gets involved solving her first murder during the Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder to help her brother-in-law Bill out after he receives the case as a test for promotion to detective in the Winnetka County Police. 
Bill is married to Hannah's sister Andrea and father to her niece Tracey.  Andrea works with Hannah to help solve the murders and does her best to keep Bill from finding out that she is helping Hannah.
Hannah is able to put in the time to work on solving murders while running the busy Cookie Jar and catering events around town thanks to her wonderful assistant Lisa.  Lisa is an 18 year old who gave up college to stay home and take care of her father who has Alzheimer's.  Hannah decides in the second or third novel (I can't remember which now) to make her a partner and gives Lisa 30 percent of the business. 
There are two men in Hannah's life, Norman Rhodes and Mike Kingston.  Norman is a dentist in town and his mother Carrie is a good friend of Hannah's mother Delores.  Their mothers have decided that they are the perfect match and are pressing them for a relationship.  While Mike Kingston moves to Lake Eden at the end of the first novel to work at the Winnetka County Police.  Mike is also the top pick for Hannah by Andrea and Bill. 
Hannah's youngest sister Michelle is off at college and as of yet, I am only reading the fifth novel, she is only mentioned.  And the final recurring character is Hannah's cat Moishe.  After buying her condo Hannah finds Moishe and takes him in.  Hannah seems to constantly needing to feed Moishe.  Hannah has even had to put a padlock on the pantry to keep Moishe out of the closet. 

I started the fifth novel last night.  I am still waiting for the fourth one to be free from the library but I didn't have anything else to read last night so I went ahead and started on the Fudge Cake Murder.

 All the novels I have read so far take place in the Winter.  And even in the high temps of the last month the books have made me want to go make some hot chocolate too.  The books are really good and a fast read.  Which reminds me I need to go out and put on hold the next couple books in the series and hope they come in at the beginning of next week. 

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