Saturday, August 28, 2010

30 Days of Me Day 3

Here we are at day three of getting to know me.  Today's goal is to post pictures with friends. 

R, J, W, me, and CC at dinner when we were in Natchez in March. 

S and I at a friends wedding 3 years go. 

Beth and I hanging out after a game at her parents condo in Oxford.  Mackenzie snuck in too.

R & I in the grove last year.  Can you tell we were excited to see each other?

R, me, RW, and SC at their tent in the Grove.  Our smiles were even bigger that night since we beat LSU.


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  2. there's nothing like good times spent with sweet certainly seem to have plenty of that! how excited are you about college football season? even if we don't root for the same team, we can still be blog besties! hope you're having a delightful weekend ladybug!xoxo

    (sorry about deleting before...i omitted a word and that drives me crazy!)

  3. Love seeing your pictures of The Grove! Fun times with your friends for sure!!