Thursday, July 22, 2010

Totally Random

The parents decided to leave this afternoon instead of tomorrow.  Now I have a totally free day tomorrow.  We hit Paula Deen's buffet as planned Tuesday night.  While waiting in line I look over and see this

Not the greatest picture but Toby Keith is putting a bar right next door to the buffet in Harrah's.  I think I need to make a visit when it opens. 

My father took care of his daddy do list.  Except for one thing JF did last night.  my office chair had a rail fall out and I had not gotten around to fixing it yet and we needed more chairs at the table last night.  I forgot to tell Daddy about that item when I left for work yesterday morning. 

Today we hit the outlet mall and a few other places after a breakfast of caramel apple waffles.  After they left I took a nap and then started catching up on blogs from the last couple days.  I noticed on a few a notice from the cutest little blog that the things were changing.  It seems that the script needs to change in the backgrounds.  I tried to do it and my blog went to an all whit background.   Not very appealing.  So I went to pick a new background from blogger.  It may stay it may not. 


  1. I love Toby Keith's bar! I went to the one in Vegas and had a great time! How lucky you are to have one open up near you! :)
    Just found your blog through Follow Friday!
    XOXO- Vy

  2. Oh! I didn't know about this! We will have to check it out one weekend once it opens! I hope it's good!!!