Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rainy Tuesday

After wanting rain for a couple weeks because the rose were looking so sad and I keep forgetting to water them.  The last two days we have had a few storms.  The roses look happier but I swear the weeds have grown amost a foot over night.  ugh!  I was hoping to wait until this weekend to mow since the parents will be here part of next week.  Looks like I might have to do that tomorrow because it looks so bad. 
I got a call last night and now have a second round interview scheduled tomorrow at 5.  And I know this sounds terrible but all I can think is that just adds another thing to my week.  I don't interview well and admit I thought I bombed the first one.  I will get it all done somehow. 
The best part of my week is getting to baby-sit H Thursday night.  It will be my first time baby-sitting him and I hope it goes well.  He is going to be coming to my house.  I might just need to go get the kiddo a toy to have at Aunt Ruthie's house.  :)
My week is crazy because today will be the only day this week I will have my full team.  And it is our busy season.  It is going to be a crazy week.  And I am trying to get ahead for my couple days off next week.  And all the chores and menu planning for visitors.  But at least I got back in the gym this week.  Last week was a complete dud in the workout area. 

Oh the White Strawberry Sangria was aweseome!!  I can't wait to make it again.

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