Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Next Food Network Star

I am not a huge realty show watcher. But I do have a few and The Next Food Network Star is my favorite.  I love watching the Food Network so seeing who will be the hosting the next new show is always fun for me.  There have been several winners in the past I just could not stomach.   There were two of the winners that I just fell in love with from the beginning of the seasons they were contestants Guy Fieri (Season 2 winner) and Aaron McCargo Jr aka Big Daddy (Season 4 winner).  I knew that I could sit and watch these guys over and over again and isn't that what the Food Network is looking for from this show.  Last year I was happy when Melissa d'Arabian won.  I will totally admit that I would have been really happy with either of the finalist from Season 5.   As for the Season 1 (The Hearty Boys) and 3 (Amy Finley) winners I just found them annoying and never made it through a whole episode of their shows. 
Okay so along to this season.  Their are twelve contestants and have already at this point seen 5 of them eliminated.  One I couldn't believe she made it through 3 episodes was Dzintra Dzenis and she was the first contestant in six seasons that from the very beginning I didn't like and couldn't wait to see go.  I knew she was leaving that episode when presenting her dish to the selection committee she states that She didn't want the dish to feel like it was going down like a fur ball (maybe not exact words but the point of the phrase).  Not exactly a phrase you want to use about food at all but certainly not when the food is being judged.  I totally fell in love with Aria Kagan and Aarti Sequeira during the first episode and hope that  either of them will win the competition and from the fan vote on the Food Network website others agree with me. Both of these ladies have such bubbly personalities and their dishes sound yummy.  One other contestant is growing on me and that is Tom Pizzica.  The rest are just so neutral to me and I could take or leave them.  Check out the show on Sunday nights at 8 central. 

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